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Some of the Most Expensive Sports Tickets

People enjoy watching sports. If you think this is a lie, just go to a professional sports event and see for yourself the number of people watching the event and their reactions. You may be the sport enthusiast yourself, yelling your head off if your favorite team is losing or winning. But, no matter what we do when we are seeing our favorite team or athlete, the best indicator of our passion for the sport is that the cost we’re prepared to pay to see our team live. We all understand that obtaining the best sports tickets may be dear. In this spirit, we have compiled a list of the most expensive sports tickets in the recent past.

Boxing is a sport loved by many people in the world, and it is also one of the most expensive as the high-profile matches are usually star-studded events. The boxing fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather took place on August 26, 2017, in Las Vegas and had the most costly tickets sold on the secondary market. After all the handling fees, tickets to sit in the ringside cost as much as 0, 763 for every ticket. For every ticket, the get-ins for this fight started at about $2000.

The majority of individuals don’t understand golf let alone appreciate it; nevertheless, golf lovers around the globe are often prepared to fork out plenty of cash for tickets to the Masters Tournament. Fees for this event fluctuate when you take into account third-party vendors and the natural demand and supply for any game. The tickets for the 2013 masters cost a whopping $4,486 for the four days which made this event a big deal.

Formula 1 racing is another well-known sport worldwide, although an occasion such as the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix may dent your pocket, it isn’t quite as costly as any other sports. However, the Abu Dhabi is seen as the most expensive Formula 1 occasion as to be a part of it; you had to pay roughly $513 for a single ticket. If you’re a local, this isn’t so awful, but if you must travel, any savings you’ve made on the ticket went to pay for traveling.

Basketball is another game with a gigantic international following. One of the well-known rivalries is the Celtics-Lakers. The prices of the tickets were expected to go up when both met in the NBA finals in 2010. This caused court side tickets to go for more than 115,000 for each a cost that could get you a Mercedes Benz Convertible then. That would have been a lot for the Celtics tickets taking into account that the Lakers won the match by just four points.