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All Drivers manual to Cautious Use of The Car.

Negligence by drivers has been attributed to causing most of the accidents witnessed in our roads nowadays. This is especially the case with the new types of cars with very high rate of acceleration and speed. Therefore as the driver you should always overcome the temptation to over speed the car as this may result in an accident. The following are guidelines to cautious driving.

Always your focus should be on the road. As the car’s driver ensure you
are paying attention to the road and other vehicles. The purpose of this is as a driver you may be driving within the average allowed speed, but you may be forced to over speed or give way if the vehicle behind you is approaching you and there is a risk of it hitting you from the back. In addition do not use your mobile phone while driving and avoid turning your head when talking to the passengers in the back seat.

Acquire a driving license and always update it. A competent driver should be knowledgeable on both the driving theory and the practical as both are important for cautious driving. It is necessary to learn and understand all road signs as they are put there for a reason. Although most traffic rules are universal there some minor differences in different areas which you should be aware of before entering the other area via road. Also always ensure you, and the other car passengers buckle the seat belt before starting the road journey.

Never drive while drunk or high from any substance. Alcohol and drugs impair person senses such as vision and hearing. Hence you may be driving the car at optimal speed yet you feel like the car is not moving at all. In addition it is illegal to drive while under the influence of alcohol and drugs, therefore although you may not cause an accident, if caught by the authorities you will incur heavy penalties or end up in jail.
Before jumping into the driver’s seat and starting the car, first confirm the wheels have the appropriate pressure, the car has sufficient fuel and the oil gauge is working properly. This is done to avoid any break downs that could be prevented from occurring. Vehicle owners should also service their cars regularly.

Drivers should always rest after driving for a long interval. This is necessary for long distance drivers. Road accident at nights are result of tired drivers, closing their eyes involuntary leading to them driving either on the road or the incoming traffic lanes. One way of driving for long distance is having two drivers in the car, such that one driver will drive while the other is taking a nap.

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