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Factors That Made Your Life Coach Website Fail

The most important platform for advertising and reaching out to various groups of people as a life coach is by making a website. You will need to come up with a website design that stands out from all the rest and one which will relate directly to your target group immediately they stumble upon it on the internet. To avoid future failure of your life coach website, continue reading below for tips to remedy the problems your website is having.

Your Life Coach Website Appearance

The Problem
Websites that are eye-catching will always tend to have many users since people since people put a lot of concern on websites that look good. Overcrowding your website with many different bright colors and images to get attention will result in clutter which will, in turn, keep clients away from your life coach website.

the Remedy
Simple is usually sophisticated in the end, and you should create a life coach website that is simple yet attractive at the same time. Every image that you use should be reasonable, and you should be able to relate it to the content on your life coach website. You should post pictures that are significant to what you are offering as a life coach. You can go for colors on your logo if you have one.


the Setback
People with websites tend to think that as long as they have the content, they can write as much as they can since the internet does not have word limitation. Since people have very short attention spans, they will tend to skip content that looks too much time to read. Posting a long article with irrelevant information will make you lose potential clients.

the Answer
Keep your titles short and captivating, and the rest of your article should also be short and to the point. You will need to do thorough revising of your article drafts before you can post it on your life coach website.

Your Expertise

the Issue
People who are interested in your life coach website would be curious to learn more about the services you are offering. If your users do not find anything interesting to read on your website they will just leave and will not even try to know about the services you are offering.

the Remedy
Consider offering services that are unique from all the other life coach website services. Having positive references, feedback and comments from clients who have gained success in the past from the services you offer can be a great way to advertise your life coach website and gain more people.


Create a simple, clean and appealing website that will show exactly what services you are offering.

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