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The modeling industry is expanding and also is the demand for models. We now have many varieties where you can try out and with proper knowledge and hard work, maybe succeed. If you like fashion and know what it takes to become a great model, you shouldn’t look at the bad side of the industry because in every job you need to sacrifice something to become among the best.

It can be a harsh environment, but if you know how to behave and if you worked on your posing and catwalk, the chances are higher for you to get noticed. But, before even getting the opportunity, you need to take good care of your body. It is a lifestyle, and getting rid of bad habits is a must. There are many tips that have their advantages and disadvantages, so you should get well-informed before trying out something new.

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Walking on the Runway

There are many small things you have to care about when we talk about catwalk. If we start from the top, your head shouldn’t droop. Imagine that there is a string connected to the top of your head and holding it. Besides that, your chin should be lightly faced downwards so the people can see your face from a better angle when you are on the stage.

An interesting fact is that you won’t see any model smiling when doing a catwalk. This is because they don’t want to put your attention to the face the focus should be on the clothes. You also don’t want to look too serious, so try practicing that in the mirror or ask someone how you look. Other people can better notice what doesn’t fit on you.

Facial Expression

Eyebrows and eyes are the most important parts of your face when it comes to making a great supermodel facial expression. Most of the models look really focused and that’s because they don’t look around, they are fixed on one point. The only focus should be on where you are going and staying concentrated.

Sometimes, there will be important people in the audience, but holding your temptation of looking around is crucial. It is important to avoid any eye contact. There are many videos where models trip because they are too focused, but this can be overcome by practice. Some models look from time to time downwards to have better orientation. When it feels natural to walk like that you will be ready.

Posture and Other Parts

What every scout is going to see when you come to the photo shoot is your posture. There are many exercises online that will show you how you can work on your posture. You will also look taller when your spine is straight and shoulders slightly pushed back. There is an old exercise where you put a couple of books on your head and walk until they fall. The more you last the better. You should always feel comfortable walking that way because no one wants a model that looks stiff.

When you walk on a rope your legs will always cross each other when you make a step, this is also essential when you are on the runway. This way your hips will swing from side to side. When it comes to male models, they should walk more naturally without crossing legs. It’s important not to overdo it. Swinging your hips a lot won’t look nice and the clothing won’t be in the main picture.

Every part of your body matters and the wave you move. Everything needs to be controlled. Thinking about swinging your arms is a wrong way to do it, it should be natural. There should be a slight swing which happens when you relax your arms. Even the fingers matter, you don’t want them to be closed together, there should be a small space between. Depending on the clothes you wear, sometimes you will have to put your hand in the pockets and then try not to swing your elbows too much.

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Working with Rhythm

Many professionals recommend working with music or practicing with it. You can follow the beat while walking will also give a strong attitude to your movement. Almost on every fashion runway, there will be music in the background. When you combine movement with the rhythm you will feel great energy which is the power of music. It will help you boost your confidence. When there is no music in the background, you can imagine it in your head, but adapt to what the theme is all about. Think about how much energy you will put into the movement.

One of the parts you have to practice a lot is the pose you do on the end of the runway. There you should show your confidence. It is usually done by leaning onto one hip and sometime you will just make a turn and keep going, depends on the designer.

Many models lose their focus when it comes to posing, so try focusing on one thing in the background. Also, how long you do it matters. It only takes a few seconds even if it feels like a lot. Everything is in practice, so your muscles will memorize the pose and it will look natural in the end.

Be Asymmetrical when Posing

Because there are a million ways of posing, you should think of making it interesting by always having a different approach.  What being asymmetrical means when it comes to posing is just slightly dipping one hip or shoulder so the height of your arms will be different. The goal isn’t to express how beautiful someone is, it is to express the product.

Generally, it isn’t the best pose to look straight into the camera. By slightly moving your head and looking from an angle, you will add more value to the photo. You also need to know what your best feature is, so you can know at which angle to pose.