Are Vitamins Really Worth the Cost?

Are Vitamins Really Worth the Cost?

I try to eat healthy. I also try to exercise. Did I mention I try to eat healthy? Yeah…sometimes it just doesn’t seem to work out though. I WANT to eat healthy, it’s just so much hassle! Going to the store for fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean meats; lugging them all the way to my house, cleaning and preparing them, then cooking ‘s exhausting!

I know that my body needs the nutrients from all that fresh food, I know it fundamentally. And usually I’m pretty good at sometimes I just don’t have the time to mess with the whole thing.

My solutions used to be simple. When I couldn’t prepare good healthy food for myself I would be sure to take my vitamins! I used to keep a bottle of a good multivitamin handy for those times when I found myself not eating all that healthy of foods.

The problem was, well actually there were two problems. The first problem is that those vitamins are incredibly expensive! Like over 10 dollars for a tiny little bottle of a simple multivitamin. And forget it if you needed to supplement some other vitamin as well!

The second problem is that I have never really been sure if those vitamins actually DO anything. Are they really all that helpful? Am I just wasting my money?

It seems that every year Americans spend over 2 billion dollars on vitamins. And doing a little research, I discovered that no one is really sure if vitamins actually DO anything….I’m talking about doctors here, I’m talking about government scientists, I’m talking about the people who’s job it is to KNOW about this stuff. They all have no clue!

Oh sure, some say “yes” vitamins are good for you, and some say “No” they are not good for you, and some say “we don’t really know”. But the average, I guess you would say the consensus, just isn’t able to say one way or the other!

There is ONE area that is more definitive. Studies show that people who are definitely vitamin deficient SHOULD take vitamins, and they are clearly helpful for those people.

But there’s no consensus on whether vitamins actually help prevent disease.

But you shouldn’t listen to me, because I am absolutely NOT a doctor and have absolutely no training or education in this background area. So do your own research before deciding to start or quit taking vitamins. Me? Oh, I’ll probably keep taking them…after all, I’ve got that big jar just sitting in my medicine cabinet!

Oh course, we wouldn’t be having this conversation if I would just get off my behind and cook healthy foods and exercise more regularly. Did I mention that I TRY to eat healthy? Really I do!