Do You Deserve to Eat?

Do You Deserve to Eat?

A shocking trend that I have noticed with females who follow my eating pattern is a tremendous fear of food. It’s not the junk food of course but rather the healthy kind. It goes something like this. “I just wanted to make sure I am supposed to be eating this much quinoa, it just looks like so much!”

When I get this response it is a blazing red flag that indicates a profound fear of food. Then three days later I get an email like this. “Wow I can’t believe how much food I am eating and I am still hungry yet I am still hungry by my next meal! (No shit, it’s called the principal of volumetrics) My cravings are completely gone!” (The reason your cravings are gone is because you are finally eating enough. Did it dawn on you that the reason you had such cravings in the first place is because you had such a fear of food?)

Here is the interesting thing though, these females tremble in fear when it comes to eating moderate portions of nutrient rich healthy food but have no qualms at all when it comes to getting in a decadent filthy morsel or sugar and fat dense treat.

Why do these women have such a striking fear of eating a half a cup of quinoa of yet gobble up a brownie in a heartbeat? I will tell you why, because the quinoa, once cooked takes up more space, it fills up that bowl to the brim and appears to be a high volume of food, which in their na?�ve mind equals more carbs, fat, calories and of course weight gain!

Of course the brownie has far more fat and sugar but don’t tell them that! It’s only one third the size of that bowl of quinoa so in their pea brain there is no way it can be bad.

I asked another female why she didn’t follow the directions on her eating pattern by not adding an extra cup of oats, “I didn’t think I deserved it!”

Another red alert response is when the female doesn’t think she deserves to eat. For some females the light switch goes on and they find success from eating plentiful amounts of food but for others they can’t seem to wrap their head around the idea that eating plentiful amounts of healthy food will actually benefit them and the fear of eating leads to severe cravings and ultimately binging on junk, thus the vicious cycle continues.

Another belief that feeds into this is the mentality that “I have to be hungry in order to burn fat!” Nothing could be further from the truth. IF you are always hungry your metabolism is going to plummet and your body is going to think it’s starving and before long you go and shovel down a dozen doughnuts. Guilt stricken you proceed to hop right back on the “I gotta be hungry to lose weight” band wagon and process continues to repeat itself.