Eat Healthy Without Really Trying

Eat Healthy Without Really Trying

There are a lot of convenient foods out there in this hostile jungle we live in. It comes in bright, colourful boxes, with black letters on it. This black letters spell ‘Instant Meal’, ‘Microwave Ready’, or the local fast food joint’s name.

To make things worse, we all kind of know what foods are healthy and what not. But the general idea is that it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare these foods.

We’re in a situation where we have the unhealthy stuff easily and readily available, and the healthy food takes effort to get ready. The logical thing to do is to fill our stomach with the unhealthy stuff, because most of us don’t have the time or energy to spend an hour in the kitchen. And don’t forget the dishes afterward.

This bad situation is born mostly out of desperation. You know that you’ll feel better when you’re eating healthy; you know that you’ll have more energy, visit the doctor less, and enjoy your family and even your work more. But a lot of people feel that the have little choice.

In this article, we’ll look at ways to make it easy to eat healthy. I know that it’s possible to eat healthy, and still don’t spend too much time in the kitchen or washing dishes. By bringing a couple of new things into your food preparing habits, you’ll find it almost as easy as getting fast food, to eat healthy.

What would you do with extra energy and another 45 minutes in the evening? Would you read that book that you wanted to read for so long? Would you start working on a side line business? Would you start a new family hobby?

Here we go.

Let’s begin with the grocery list.

Fresh food is mostly the best option, but most organic food doesn’t last long. It’s the genetically modified fruit and veg that last longer on the shelve. A very good alternative is the frozen vegetables and dried fruit. If you don’t like the chewy effect of dried fruit, let it soak a little in water and the use it in a smoothie or in a cooked meal.

You could also freeze your fruit that is on its way out. Use that also in a smoothie or in a cooked meal.

Steam your food.

You can steam fresh or frozen food. This is one of the most convenient ways to prepare food. When my wife gets home in the evening, she quickly pop some food in there, and a hour later we’re ready to eat. I got my steamer from Verimark.

Most steamers have a timer switch. It’s a matter of set and forget. Once the timer ran out, a little alarm goes of to tell you that it’s time to eat. Just add natural spices to get the taste you want. To prepare meat in the steamer.

Get a dishwasher.

This is a very easy way to make cooking at lot more enjoyable. When I’ve packed the dishwasher, the pile of dishes I need to wash is almost gone.

Find a good meal replacement supplement.

I’m using Herbalife’s range of food supplements. When I’m on the road over a mealtime, I just throw my Herbalife shake in a little cooler box, along with some fruit. This is the fastest, most convenient healthy meal I know of. One of my clients said that she wants to teach her domestic worker to prepare her shakes for her.

Within these guidelines we discussed here, the options are almost endless. It’s only limited by the fruit and veg that are available. In stead of stopping at the convenient store on your way home, now you could spend your valuable time at home or with the things that are really important to you. And on top of that you’ll feel much better than while eating junk food.