Eat Right For Health

Eat Right For Health

It is essential to eat right for health. Our bodies need vitamins, minerals and nutrients every day. Many vitamins essential to our health need to be consumed daily. Fast foods are low in vitamins and minerals and in some cases actually leach vitamins from your body. Fast food also contains lots of saturated fats and sugar.

Making the change from fast food to healthy food is not hard. It only takes about a week for the taste of greasy fried food to become unpleasant. You will begin to crave the freshness of crisp salads and fresh fruit. Make the change to wholemeal and wholegrain products. The taste is quite amazing. Wholegrain products have a lot more flavour than the white, processed foods.

Eat fresh fruit and vegetables daily. You should aim for a variety of types and colours. There is no excuse these days because most fruits and vegetables are available year round, although in season is still best. Fresh fruit is better than juice because it contains more fibre. If you drink juice, you may end up consuming more calories than you need.

Try eating chicken and fish and only eat lean, red meat twice a week. If you are vegetarian, there are plenty of healthy choices in alternatives to meat. You may need to use a multivitamin supplement. Modern farming strips many foods of their full value in minerals. The time between harvesting, and when the food reaches your table, also determines whether the food has its full value in vitamins.

In some areas, the land is deficient in certain minerals. A good quality multivitamin and mineral supplement will make up any deficit but don’t rely on supplements for your full daily requirements as fresh is still best.