Emphasizing Vegetables Through Grilled Fresh Vegetable Salad Recipe

Emphasizing Vegetables Through Grilled Fresh Vegetable Salad Recipe

During our childhood days, often times we get irritated by the commands of our parents to eat our vegetables. Because of the ordeal, we created few ways to eliminate vegetables in our plates every meal, like tossing the vegetables under the table, feed them to the dogs or throwing them in the garbage, while mom is not looking. Parents themselves are also finding ways to make their children eat vegetables, and most of them are doing a good job. What most parents did was introduce vegetables gradually to their kids via grill; somehow, the success rate is positive. Grilling vegetables might be appealing to kids but from an adult stand point, it could prove differently. What you need is a good recipe to fire up our appetite.

Grilled Fresh Vegetable Salad

Fresh Ingredients

Salad dressing

One-fourth cup red wine vinegar

One clove garlic, crushed

One-half teaspoon of chili powder, cumin, dried mustard, and oregano

One-half cup of olive oil

Dash cayenne

The Salad

One red onion

Two zucchini

One medium eggplant

One yellow and red pepper

Three-fourth cup cheese, crumbled feta

Fresh parsley, Chopped


How to prepare

Mix all the dressing using a bowl then set side. Slice the eggplant into two one-half thick each, slice the pepper and discard the stems and seeds. After that, cut the zucchini at least one-half thick each, leaving the stems intact. Apply the prepared dressing on the vegetables; make certain they are brushed evenly. Heat the grill with medium to high fire; place the vegetables on the grill. To avoid overcooking, turn them occasionally. Wait for at least 8-15 minutes for good results. Cut peppers into bits; arrange the grilled vegetables into the tray, right after that, sprinkle the cheese and the parsley. Apply remaining salad dressing. Your grilled fresh vegetable salad is ready after that. Bon appetite!

During our lifetime, we cannot entirely avoid vegetables. Even though we don’t like them, we cannot deny the fact that we need them. Vegetables are good sources of vitamins and minerals, which are not found in other food source. We have to convince kids to eat vegetables, and remind them of the importance. Parents should be good examples to their when it comes to food, especially with vegetables.