Foods to Prevent Heart Disease – Part 4

Foods to Prevent Heart Disease – Part 4

Mono saturated fats are good fats that lower LDL cholesterol and reduce your risk of developing heart related disease. Flaxseed and avocado are rich in mono saturated fats, and they protect against heart diseases.

Flaxseed and flaxseed oil are rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an essential fatty acid that appears to be beneficial for heart disease. ALA is a type of Omega 3 fat. It lowers cholesterol, protect against heart disease and control high blood pressure.

A 16 year study of 76000 women and a separate 14 year study of 46000 men found that diets rich in ALA significantly reduced the risk of coronary heart disease. Other major studies cited by review concluded that diets similarly high in ALA lowered the prevalence of plaques in the carotid artery, decreased the risk of death from cardiovascular disease, and helped prevent the recurrence of a second heart attack among patients recovering from their first.

Avocado has oleic acid, which reducing inflammation linked to atherosclerosis, and also helps lower the bad LDL cholesterol level while raising the amount of good HDL cholesterol in your body.

In one study, individuals eating an avocado-rich diet had a significant decrease in LDL cholesterol and increase of HDL cholesterol by 11%. The avocado is high in fat, but it’s mostly monounsaturated fat that protects good HDL cholesterol, while wiping out the bad LDL cholesterol that clogs your arteries. There is the fiber in avocado as well as plant chemical called beta-sitosterol. Both substances help lower cholesterol.

Besides, avocados also aid the body in absorbing nutrients from other vegetables. In a recent study in the Journal of Nutrition, Ohio State University researchers reported that avocado can increase absorption of nutrients that protect against heart disease as much as 15 times.

A moderate intake of alcohol (no more than two drinks per day for men or one drink per day for women) could reduce risk of heart disease in men over age of 40 and women over age of 50. Some types of alcohol contain antioxidant and do help in increasing HDL cholesterol and clear LDL cholesterol. However, high intake of alcohol increase blood pressure, so it is not recommendable to take alcohol to improve your heart.

Diet is an important factor to prevent heart disease. Food related risk factors causing obesity and high blood pressure will also increase the risk of heart disease. Other than diet, exercise is vital to develop healthy heart. Walking at least 30 minutes each day could reduce the risk of heart disease by 30%. However, do not over exhaust during exercise, or it may cause injuries. For people that are over the age 40 or have a heart condition, it is advisable to consult the doctor before you start any exercise program.