Healthy Snacks: 4 Foods to Keep You Energetic Through the Day

Healthy Snacks: 4 Foods to Keep You Energetic Through the Day

For years I was told to stop snacking between meals. Then I was told to eat small meals several times a day. Then I read somewhere that it’s good to have three small meals, and three large meals. What on earth am I supposed to do?

I decided to do whatever I liked the best. And since I love good food, that was snacking. Sure I have the odd bit of junk food like anyone else, but that usually leaves me with drowsiness and a feeling like an oil slick in my stomach. Instead, when I really want to get myself going, I turn to a few of these classics.


Yes… Oatmeal has carbs. But oatmeal falls under the more recent label of “skinny carbs.” It’s easy to digest, is full of all kinds of vitamins and minerals, and it’s EASY. Whether you have a bowl of porridge, or a healthy oatmeal cookie (I keep some in the jar at all times), this is a healthy way to keep your energy levels running high.

Dark Chocolate

This isn’t an excuse to sit in front of the TV and eat bonbons… We’re talking DARK chocolate here. That’s 65% cocoa (or cacao) and above. It has a wonderful collection of active ingredients acting as antioxidants, mood enhancers, and even a bit of blood pressure control. So go ahead and indulge (responsibly) and give yourself a pick-me-up.


Blueberries were ranked the healthiest food in the world for some time. That was before some of the more exotic berries and foodstuff came on the market. Still, they rank pretty high. They have high concentrations of antioxidants and phytoflavonoids (chemical with a wide range of potential benefits). Throw in some more of those “skinny carbs” and you’re ready to go.


These little goodies are one of the best sources of protein you can find. They are also full of the “good” fats. Those are fats that clear your blood of the nastier, heart-clogging variety. And you get the added bonus of a bevvy of minerals. So put down the chips, and grab a handful of almonds instead.

So there you have it. Four good, solid snacks that give you all the satisfaction of something greasy and salty that you will later feel guilty about. Whether at the gym, in between classes, or at your coffee break, your body will thank you for grabbing one of these healthy little treats.