How Not to Cheat on Your Diet Plan

How Not to Cheat on Your Diet Plan

It may surprise you to find that 36% of women are cheaters, when it comes to their diet! Research of 2,000 dieting women showed these results and while they are not that shocking, it does prove to be a good reminder that some weight loss habits are not so good. If any of this sounds like what you are dealing with, here are some tips from the women surveyed.

In 40% of the cases, the dieter was tempted to eat something forbidden by their partners. If your spouse or close friend is sitting there enjoying a box of candy the chances are better than even that you will partake as well. The best solution is to have your friend or loved one on board and barring that you can try brushing your teeth or chewing gum to avoid the tempting treats.

Restaurants were the key downfall of 25% of those surveyed. All your intentions generally take a vacation when you are eating out, who wants a mere salad? When you are dieting, you may want to keep the eating out to a bare minimum instead of a weekly occurrence. This will help your waist and your wallet at the same time. This also allows you to enjoy the experience and have whatever you want off the menu.

Every woman who participated in this study had tried to lose weight about eight times. That is not a large number considering most people have tried many diet plans. Nevertheless, you do have to ask whether the anxiety about cheating on your diet played a part in this.

Eating healthy is not a temporary occurrence. You can find many wonderful guidelines pertaining to eating healthy, but no rules. The main thing to dieting is that you must burn more calories than you consume whether this is for a day, week, month or even a year.

It does not mean you have failed your diet should you slip up and over eat, cheat by eating a couple of things you should not or an extravagant meal eaten at a restaurant.

A good 50% of the women polled admitted that they had lied about food they had consumed. Lying about it only reinforced feelings of guilt and secrecy. Try finding a friend you can talk to instead of lying about your bad day. This should be someone who will cheer you on and not judge you or make you feel worse than you already do.

The above tips are just a few helpful ideas when you feel like cheating on your diet plan. You can use as many or few of them as you like but keep in mind that if you do slip up the battle is not over. Start your diet plan over again the next day. The only way you fail is if you give up the diet entirely.

To ensure that this is the diet that finally succeeds you of course need to avoid temptations. Be cautious however about labeling your behavior as diet cheating. This is the best way to wind up quitting!