How to Keep Your Children From the Risks of Obesity

How to Keep Your Children From the Risks of Obesity

It is not coincident that you and your children are sharing the same shirt size, in a statistic figure, obese parents more likely produces obese children. We are no stranger to the health risks and damages that obesity can do to a person. Speedily, this epidemic has conquered the country with an alarming death rates and obesity-related diseases, such as type two diabetes and heart attacks.

Our youth are facing a bloating future if we will not act today. The life expectancy of our youth has significantly decreased by 10%. First time in history, today’s parents will outlive their own children.

As parents, we do not want to see our children inherit a generation of short-lived people, we want to see them prosper, nourish and healthy so today, let us all discover how we can prevent obesity from ruining the future of our youth.

Here are my five strategies that will surely engage the family together to have healthy eating habits:

• Family meals. This is still the best way to keep track of your children’s eating behavior. This is where you can have a sensible conversation with them. During a family meal, you can catch up with each other’s business. As good parents, you must serve them with healthy food, like vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates and fiber. Instead of giving them soda, practice fresh fruit juices or water.

• Serve Variety of Food and Snacks. You have to be creative with your healthy food strategy, remember that kids are easily bore. Surely, you yourself do not want to eat the same food over and over again. You can buy healthy recipe book or better yet, reinvent your cooking. They will appreciate it more if it is your own recipe you are serving them.

• Be a role model. If you want healthy kids, you must prioritize your health first. What you eat is what your children will eat. I hope that you as a parent will not be selfish to do healthy sacrifices for your children.

• Do not argue about unhealthy food. Do not argue with your kids about junk food without knowing why junk foods are restricted, they will resent on that part and will intensify their desire to eat unhealthy food.

The best thing that you can do is educate them about the bad effects of unhealthy food in their body. Approach them in a loving manner and tell them how much you want to see them enjoy their lives to fullest potential because they are healthy and alive.

• Involve your children in the process of preparing the food. This another way to engage the family together. Preparing food together will not only educate them about the food their eating but it will also tie the family bonding for better.