How to Lose Weight With Foods That Burn Fat

How to Lose Weight With Foods That Burn Fat

The simple secret to losing weight is to eat food that burns fat. These types of foods actually work by helping you burn more calories than you take in and they also increase your metabolism which burns off extra calories. For example, there are certain fruits and vegetables that you can eat that will help you increase your metabolism and continue to burn calories long after your daily exercise routine is finished. The best part is, all the food is easy to prepare, easily found at your local grocery store and full of flavor.

Grapefruit is one remarkable food that can actually work to jump start weight loss. If you eat half of a grapefruit three times a day before each meal you could lose an additional three pounds over twelve weeks (without changing your diet in any other way). Pure grapefruit juice has also been shown to have the same positive effect on the body’s metabolism.

Almonds are another super food that you can eat that will work to stimulate your metabolism and could help you shed 18% of your body fat over a six month period.

There have also been many different scientific studies that link the consumption of tea to weight loss. One or more cups of tea per week for at least six months has been shown to reduce body fat by almost 20% in tea drinkers. Green tea is especially helpful in assisting in weight loss as it stimulates the body to use up any excess fat for energy.

Believe it or not, dark chocolate is also part of the inner circle of food that burn fat because it is high in anti-oxidants and helps to prevent the body from storing up fat cells. An ounce of dark chocolate a day is an excellent source of these fat cell fighting anti-oxidants.

Remember that moderation is the key, even when eating food that burn fat. Be sure that you only consume the “single serving” amount because over-eating – even with healthy food – can lead to weight gain. With all these delicious foods that can aid in weight loss, any diet that consists of natural fat burning foods can now be looked at as a culinary adventure.