Hungry? Try Some of These Sandwiches!

The history of the sandwich is as long as it is vast. The staple of many people’s daily cuisine has been an experienced shared since ancient times. However, the sandwich as we know it has been popularly attributed to one John Montagu the fourth Earl of, you’ve guessed it, Sandwich. The story goes that he was enjoying a session of gambling and though he was hungry, he couldn’t be bothered to stop the game and eat. As such, he asked his cook to make him something that he could eat while playing. The cook, whose name has woefully been lost to time, returned with a piece of meat placed between two slices of bread. A legend was born.

Since then sandwich shop owners have enjoyed pulling in a healthy dose of money from the popular food type. Ranging from simple, to complex, to just odd, sandwich shops have fed the masses and tantalized their customers with surprising new inventions every year. Here are some of the tastiest, and perhaps oddest, sandwiches you can try right now. Before ordering your usual at a certain sandwich shop Kirkwood MO, maybe you will consider ordering one of these guys instead.

1. The Primanti

What was one popular among truckers is now a staple for even the casual passersby. This particular sandwich is loaded with juicy items fit to clog your arteries but have you enjoying every second of it. Stuffed with any meat you want and combined with tomatoes, coleslaw, and yes, French fries, this sandwich was meant to be eaten when the tank is empty. The bread housing this large load of goodness is usually Italian. To stave off the fries becoming soggy, it’s recommended that you eat this sandwich quickly. Not that that should be particularly difficult.

2. The Elvis

Want to eat like The King? Elvis, himself, made this sandwich famous. For those wanting a bit of gooey sweetness in their sandwich, try the peanut butter, honey, and banana combination for an experience in ultimate comfort food. The sandwich is served best when taken on the griddle to make sure its contents are warm and gooey. Plus, the extra crunch of the bread creates a nice texture.

3. The Po-Boy

If you’re in the mood for seafood, sandwiches won’t let you down in this regard either. While rolls may be your first instinct, you should definitely indulge in a Po-Boy to satiate that need for something fishy. Packed full of either fried shrimp or oysters, you’ll be feeling full after just a few bites, especially if you choose to order the traditional footlong size.

Practically every meal comes in a sandwich variation. If you’re starting a sandwich business, you may just find inspiration for the next great sandwich sitting at your dinner table one night. For those who simply want to have a good meal, the sandwich has never done wrong. Be sure to order one the next time you’re out on the town.