Kids and Sugar Effects

Kids and Sugar Effects

Excess sugar has been linked to a variety of health problems in kids today. No only do increases in sugar, automatically lead to unnecessary levels of carbohydrates, but these carbs are not paired with the fiber necessary to minimize a sugar surge.. This increased amount of sugars in a daily diet can lead to a host of health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. Increased sugars in the body make the liver work harder and leads to elevated cholesterol levels. Kids that eat less sugar will be healthier and less likely to develop problems with obesity.

Retain Daily Energy

Sugars that are contained in foods such as cereal are processed and not natural. Processed sugars do not provide any health benefits as they cause the digestive system to work harder. Any energy that is gained by kids eating foods with high levels of processed sugars is quickly lost.

Increase in Productivity

Kids will have more energy when less sugar is being consumed. The less work that the body will need to do to process sugars in the body means that more is available. This energy is then available to use by kids to pay attention in school.

Normalize Blood Sugar Levels

Reducing the amount of high sugar cereals prevents a spike in your blood sugar levels. This increase is the cause of sluggish behavior that occurs during the day. When your body does not need to normalize blood sugar levels, more resources are available to keep you alert and active.

Control of the Diet

The reduction of sugar can occur gradually over time. You will begin to notice that your kids no longer need large amounts of food and may be content to have small snacks during the day. A smaller amount of food that is eaten can also lead to weight loss.

Decreased Dental Problems

The deterioration of your kid’s teeth is a direct result of eating too much sugar. Reducing the sugar that is eaten will also reduce the amount of cavities and other associated dental problems.

Less Likely to Get Sick

Reducing the amount of sugar that is eaten will result in the decrease in heath issues. You may see over time that your kids get sick less frequently. Kids that are less sick will be more productive and happy.

Additional Information

Reducing the availability of sugary energy drinks will prevent the consumption of sugars that will lead to health problems. Drinks available to kids in schools no longer include soda pop. This is a big source of processed sugars that are consumed by young kids.