Losing the Weight Loss Battle? How To Quickly Lose Weight By Making Your Lifestyle Work For You

Losing the Weight Loss Battle? How To Quickly Lose Weight By Making Your Lifestyle Work For You

If you are reading this article it’s safe to assume that you are either just beginning to investigate possible methods of weight loss or you’ve been searching for some time for a “lose weight plan” through the scores of methods trying to decide what will work best for you. Whatever the case may be I hope that the following information will help you in some way to find the answers you’re looking for.

Remember that you should always consult your healthcare provider before starting any new diet or exercise program.

Before I go further let me first state that for almost eight years my son has been training as a mixed martial artist. In his journey to get where he is, he has learned much about what works and what doesn’t and I asked him to share with me. I want to share his personal experiences along with good solid nutritional information to give you a chance for success.

As an athlete and martial artist, his weight could fluctuate sometimes up to 20 pounds in either direction. Strenuous workouts and sparring events burn so much energy, to balance that out large amounts of nutritious foods need to be consumed. It is critical to understand nutrition and the way the body metabolizes food in order to stay healthy.

I was astounded by what I’ve learned, that so many things we are told are healthy for us such as low-fat salad dressing or even whole grain breads are actually not conducive to a healthy weight loss plan. It seems, once you educate yourself on nutrition and learn how to diet and lose weight you discover a healthy lifestyle and you may be shocked to discover that many foods that are advertised as healthy for you are actually killing your diet.

What does this mean? If health food isn’t healthy for you, and powdered doughnut’s definitely aren’t healthy for you, how are you supposed to get those extra pounds off? You may think you have to either starve yourself or be condemned to a life of rice cakes and tofu. Absolutely not!

The first thing you have to do is forget about diet food. Focus on whole, unprocessed foods, leave the artificial sweeteners behind and allow yourself natural products like butter, eggs, lean meats, fruits and vegetables. Yes, I said butter and eggs. That was a surprise to me too. In moderation eggs are a good source of protein and nutrients, butter is a whole food unlike margarine or even the brands that are touted as “healthy”. They are all full of unhealthy oils. Of course it isn’t wise to load up on butter or eggs but you can incorporate them safely into your diet.

It has been said for years that you are what you eat, so your choices are the key to success. Leave the fresh-baked cookies on the counter top and go to the high protein cottage cheese and mandarin oranges in the fridge. For a while your body will crave that nice creamy bowl of ice cream or the slice of apple pie.

However, if you need to lose weight really fast and your health is something you feel is important to you then you will have to eliminate these from your diet for a while. This isn’t a permanent situation but you need to get your weight under control before you can temp yourself with high fat foods with low density nutritional value

What it all comes down to is living a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t feel that you’re healthy then you must change your lifestyle. It may be a little or it may be a lot but, remember, you are in charge and your life depends on it!