Tender Meat Cooking Tricks

Since red meat generally takes a long time to become tender meat when cooked, the contents of your gas cylinder can run out quickly. Well, Maggi has a way of cooking beef so it’s tender and Mom can still save gas. These tips can also be applied to other types of red meat, you know. Come on, see how!

1. Wrap with Papaya Leaves

There is a natural way that you can do to make red meat more tender without wasting gas, by using papaya leaves. Papaya leaves contain natural enzymes that function to break down the protein in the meat so that it becomes more tender. The trick is easy. Mother simply takes a papaya leaf, clean it with running water, dry it, then make it a meat wrapper. Make sure each piece of meat is well wrapped and let it rest for about 1 hour. After that, the meat is ready to be processed.

2. Coat with Pineapple Juice

In addition to using papaya leaves, you can also use pineapple as a way to cook beef to make it tender. Just like papaya leaves, pineapple also has natural enzymes that can make red meat tender more quickly. The difference is, if papaya leaves are enough to be used as meat wrappers, pineapples need to be mashed or juiced. Mother needs to coat the red meat with pineapple that has been mashed or juiced, then let it rest for 30 minutes. After that, the meat is ready to be cooked according to taste. If you want to be more practical, you can also use pineapple juice as a marinade. But, make sure that the marinade process is enough for 30 minutes so that the texture and taste of the meat doesn’t change.

3. Leave the meat at room temperature

Another way you can do is let the red meat sit at room temperature. This method can be chosen if you don’t have papaya leaves or pineapple in stock, but still want to save gas.

First, if you store meat in the freezer , you should store it on the bottom shelf first in a closed container from the night before. After that, about 30 minutes to 1 hour before cooking, you can remove the red meat from the refrigerator, and keep it in the kitchen in a closed container.

Leaving red meat at room temperature helps the temperature of the meat drop slowly and steadily, resulting in a more evenly tender texture. While waiting for the red meat to become more tender, you can prepare other ingredients. You need to remember that the tenderness of the meat will not be like when you use papaya leaves or pineapple, right? However, this method is better than directly processing meat from the refrigerator for cooking.

4. Cut Opposite the Meat Fiber

Another way to cook beef so that it is tender is to pay attention to how it is cut. Try it, Mom, look at the stock of meat in the refrigerator. You can see the fibers extending on the meat. So, so that the meat is tender, you can cut the meat in the opposite direction to the grain of the meat. The goal is to make the fibers shorter so that the meat is more tender when cooked and easier to chew when eaten.

5. Take advantage of the hot steam

Did you know, hot steam can also be a way to cook beef so it’s tender without wasting gas, you know. To practice this trick, the key is not to open the lid of the pot and use the stopwatch on your cellphone so that the timing is more precise. Then, how?

First, bring the water to a boil and boil the red meat for five minutes in a covered saucepan. After that, turn off the stove and let the meat sit in the pan for 30 minutes. Finally, turn on the stove again and boil the meat for 7 minutes. By applying this trick, Mom only kept the stove on for 12 minutes, but technically had already cooked the meat for over half an hour. Pretty good, right?

6. Try Cooking in a Different Way

One way to cook beef so that it is tender and evenly cooked is to serve it in a different way. For example, cut into small pieces and sauteed with vegetables, such as Stir-fried Maggi-style Beef Broccoli . So, Mom has a variety of other dishes besides processing red meat into rendang, curry, or satay. So, so that the meat is not only tender, but also delicious when cooked so it’s different, don’t forget to add Maggi Magic Delicious Chicken Flavor, yes, ma’am.

Maggi Magic Delicious Chicken Flavor Made from fresh Indonesian natural chicken and spices that are locked in granules . When used for cooking, the granules will slowly release a savory taste and delicious aroma. So, the red meat that you cook is not only tender, but also more delicious and arouses the appetite of family members. In addition, Maggi Magic Delicious Chicken Flavor can also be combined with all types of red meat, ma’am. Starting from beef, goat, to buffalo.