The Secret of Learning to Love Eating Healthy With Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss

The Secret of Learning to Love Eating Healthy With Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Is there a specific problem that you find is most difficult about losing weight? If making wise decisions on what food to eat is your problem this article will provide some answers on how to change that. Take that one aspect of weight loss, eating healthy, and once you change that would you be able to get to goal weight? Using the powerful tools you learn with self hypnosis weight loss you will surprise yourself with how you can love to eat healthy food.

Self hypnosis is a pretty simple routine to master. All it takes is your ability to relax your mind and remain focused on a single idea for a set amount of time and you are doing hypnosis. Chances are you are accustomed to doing that already for all the wrong things that you do. For example, when you watch a TV commercial for one of those unhealthy fast food joints, didn’t it make your mouth water? Did it make you want to stop watching TV and search your house for something to eat, or worse go out and get that junk.

There you have a perfect example of bad programming for unhealthy foods. Now if you can do it for the unhealthy foods, how do you think your life would be if you used these tools for your health and wellness? Like if every time food came up in your mind it was only healthy food that you really wanted. That’s an example of the simple forms of self hypnosis. The simple secrets to powerful change will be revealed further along in this article that will make healthy habits routine.

We can begin this process by programming your mind for the healthy foods that will make you thin. go to a comfortable and safe place where you can sit down. Focus on your breathing and take a deep breath in and hold it. As you let it out close your eyes. Relaxing in your chair place your attention on your breathing until it is free flowing.

You want to let your mind know what it is that you want to eat, so bring up an image of healthy foods. In conjunction with those healthy food images elicit feelings of pleasure and comfort. Make sure those feelings are positive for you and then go ahead and connect them with the healthy food images that you have.

You now want to rehearse this connection between the positive feelings and the healthy foods. So imagine you are seeing these images repeat in front of you over and over again. Each time you see the images of healthy food you feel those positive feelings growing inside.

This process is mental conditioning for the directed responses that you want to install. You have already been guilty of allowing others to program you mind in this way for those unhealthy foods. think of all those TV commercials you watched associating pleasurable music, pictures and feelings to all that unhealthy foods that the sponsors are pushing. We need to counter all that unwanted programming. So repetition that we direct now becomes our ally in our desire to maintain a healthy diet.

Practice makes perfect so do this process over and over again. Do it daily for at least 21 days. Spend a bit of time on it, like 5 minutes at a clip. It’s such a small amount of time for you to devote for a lifetime of a healthy and fit body.