Things you Need to Know when Buying Custom Drink Coasters

If you’re not familiar with buying custom drink coasters or custom pulpboard beverage coasters, then it is essential to read this article, and we will explain why it is a valuable tool every house, pub, bar or restaurant should have. Whether you own a bar or restaurant, or just looking to own a promotional beverage mat printed with your company’s logo or an event organizer who needs a good giveaway for the festival, weddings or an event you are planning, here are some of the necessary information you need to know when buying a custom drink coaster.

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First and foremost, most coaster makers only use genuine European pulpboard for their customer’s coasters. These are sometimes referred to as paper, beer, beverage, drinking or bar coasters. Most of these manufacturers create coasters from pulpboard materials, also known as beer mat or coaster board.

Some of the manufacturers designed these mats from recyclable or recycled natural pulp board and print them with special alcohol-resistant ink made from vegetable compounds although digital prints are not vegetable based. In the beverage mat industry, there are three main thicknesses to choose from.

-Lightweight drinking mat which is approximately one millimeter or 40 points thick.

-Medium weight drinking mat which is about 1.4 millimeter or 60 points thick

-Heavyweight drinking mat which is approximately 2 millimeter or 80 points thick

Be cautious: do not be fooled by cheap imitations


Genuine paperboard or pulpboard is explicitly designed for the manufacturing of restaurant and bar drinking coasters. These materials are the real deal, very durable, highly absorbent and long lasting. Sometimes, paper products are substituted for coaster-boards.

These products can be easily identified as they tend to fall apart very quickly when it absorbs moisture or they are coated and laminated, making them unable to absorb any moisture. That is why you need to be careful when choosing your printed coaster supplier.

There are other things you need to consider when you are deciding on how thick you want the coaster board for your drinking coaster to be. You also need to find out who will be using them, or how long they will be using it. And lastly, find out what kind of graphics will be printed on the beer mats.

How effective are these promotional coasters?


A lot of customers are turning to custom drink coasters as their preferred promotional giveaway for their events. Custom coasters also make a useful direct marketing item for their big events or parties they organize. It is efficient and cost-effective and can deliver the message you want to convey to your target market. It is a small price to pay, but with a long-lasting effect. Drink coaster is one of the lowest cost-efficient investment you can make.

Create coasters with customized designs and messages to maximize its effect


You can give these simple but beautiful beverage coasters to your friends, family, staff and clients. It can make your business get noticed and boosting its exposure with an eye-catching colorful design. Beyond the conventional square and circle shaped beverage mat. You can also ask for different kinds of custom shapes and sizes.

These items can be a good conversation piece if used as cross promotions for specialty drinks, featured bands, product launches or menu items. Usually, the thicker the coasters, the more moisture it can absorb and the longer they can be used. Thicker ones are more expensive and you need to decide whether the cost is worth it or not.

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Standard Shapes


Traditionally, coasters are either circular or square shaped. But sometimes, clients will ask their manufacturers to design the different shaped coasters like star, cloud or triangle. But according to manufacturers, the orders are evenly split between square and circle shaped beverage coasters. In North America and Europe, the standard size for a promotional restaurant or pub coaster is three to 4 inches. Today, the most popular size is the four inched beverage mat.



Clients also need to decide how many drink mats your business need. As a rule of thumb of any bulk orders, the larger clients made, the lower the cost per item. Conventional bulk orders range from 10,000 to 30,000 mats, but manufacturers also accept smaller quantity orders, but at a much higher price tag. Value pack can offer a set of pricing for a standardized quantity and best when it comes to value if you are ordering for a smaller quantity beverage mat.