Tips on Creating a Crispy and Delicious Cake

Make the cake is not easy but also not difficult. Need patience and persistence, so that the resulting cake so crispy, and delicious. But do not worry if we’ve never made a cake at all. Do not be afraid to fail, it is important to try first, the case of success or failure we submit to God. You can use a modern oven while baking. Or you can also find cake recipe without oven on internet pages. So baking a cake without oven can also do.


Here are Tips & Tricks to Make a Crunchy Cake

For you who still have never made cookies at all, there are some tips you can do.

1. Make the Cookies

This is the first tips you should and should do. If you do not do this, then there is no point you know the next tips.

2. Selection of Flour

Flour used to make cookies should be low protein content. The flour will make the cake more crispy because only a little form of gluten.

In addition to low protein flour, we can also add cornstarch as a substitution of wheat flour. So, some of the flour we replace with cornstarch. Maizena will make the cake become more crunchy and fragile.

3. Sift Dry Ingredients

Sift dry ingredients is important to do. This is done so that no clumps are formed when we make cookie dough. All dry ingredients such as flour, developers and salt are sifted first to mix well. Refined sugar is also sieved when clot.

4. Mixing the Dough

When adding dry ingredients to a mixture of fatty materials and sugar, do it gradually, bit by bit. Then stirring it using a wooden spoon or spatula slowly, so that the dough is not made hard. Should not use a mixer when mixing these dry ingredients, to avoid over-mixed dough.

5. Spread Surface Pan

The surface of the baking pan we should apply margarine so that the pastry is not sticky. Can also coat a pan using a silpat (a kind of silicone heat resistant coating). Or you can also sprinkle the flour after smearing the pan with margarine. But remember, not too much flour, thin enough aja, for cake texture does not change.

6. Roasting Temperature

When baking cookies, generally the oven temperature is about 160-170 ° C. When baking, try to rotate the pan because usually the temperature in the oven is not flat. But do not you back, later spilled. If you do not have an oven we can find cake recipe without oven. That is using the cooking tool of his successor.

7. Chill the Pastries

When done, do not forget to move the cake that you have matured into the cooling wire. For the cake to cool perfectly. If the cookies are still hot you put the piles, then the hot steam can affect the crispness of the cake.

Cakes that have been out of the oven still continue to experience the process of maturation. Dried pastry is considered perfectly cooked if the cake is really cold.

Well, that was some tips and tricks that you can try when making cookies. Make snacks for the family, to increase his love.