Unexpected Fat Burning Foods – Egg Yolks Can Help You Burn Fat

Unexpected Fat Burning Foods – Egg Yolks Can Help You Burn Fat

In all our years as professional coaches in the health and wellness field, we’ve observed that almost everybody is shocked to learn some of our suggestions for fat burning foods that are excellent for weight loss and for overall wellness. One of those shockers is always eggs — yep, that’s right! Beautiful, yellow egg yolks complete with all of their fat and cholesterol will help you burn fat.

Let’s face it, we’ve been told all our lives that egg yolks are bad for you. But the truth is, you’ve been terribly mislead and frankly, lied to about the cholesterol in egg yolks. The cholesterol found in egg yokes in reality increases your GOOD cholesterol and helps balance the proper ratios of good vs. bad. Therefore, do not be fearful of the fat and cholesterol in these little nutritious, power packed treasures. Additionally, if you choose those “cage-free” eggs from chickens that were raised in a free-roaming environment, then the omega-3 content will be higher and with a more properly balanced fat profile.

Plus, egg yolks are considered one of the most nutrient dense foods known to man in terms of vitamins, minerals, and other trace nutrients. To list all of the life-sustaining nutrients in egg yolks would easily consume an entire page, so I promise not to even attempt that in this article. Just remember that egg yolks should NOT take a back seat to egg whites. Why, even the protein found in an egg is more bioavailable when the yolk is included!

And none of this addresses the issue of taste. Let’s face it — you can’t improve God’s perfect food by throwing half of it away. God didn’t make a mistake! So don’t be reluctant to eat those delicious and healthy eggs so you can start burning that fat around your middle even quicker.

Enjoy and start burning more body fat with this incredibly misunderstood food!