What You Need in Your Kitchen in Order to Be Healthy

What You Need in Your Kitchen in Order to Be Healthy

I know that healthy living means different stuff to different people and it’s normal. Some say they are healthy because they practice a lot, others are vegetarians, there are even raw eaters (the top of the cherry tree). For me being healthy is a combination of a lot of things – exercises, detox diets, cleansers, organic food and so on. But the most important one and the most time consuming is the food that feeds our bodies. It’s really really the most important thing for me. Because food can kill us, but food can also set us free:)

After months of reading I figured out that eating organic healthy food is not easy. It’s not easy at all. It needs a lot of information, a lot of label reading, a lot of company checkings and absolutely new (for me) kitchen appliances and healthy recipes.

So, if you decided to follow the path of being healthy and virtually never get ill, here is what you will need in your kitchen:)

* kitchen robot with a food processor and a blender

What you need it for? The blender is for making smoothies (delicious home made fresh juice, made out of blending all kinds if fruits with milk or water). And the food processor is for everything else – shredding, chopping, slicing, kneading, whipping, mixing, etc. What can you do with it? All kinds of raw cakes and chocolate, salads, dippings, soups… To be totally honest I use my food processor mainly for making raw cakes, but that’s the only way to eat sweets without feeling guilty about it:)

* next you will need a juicer

Juicing is one of the most important things in all healthy diets. That’s the easiest way to feed yourself with tons of vitamins without having to eat fruits all day long. All it takes is a cup of fresh juice. For example we all heard the lines “one apple per day keeps the doctor away” or “carrots are great for your skin and liver”, “beetroot is super healthy”, “you need 1000mg vitamin C per day and 2.4mg vitamin B12″… and then you are like “But I can’t eat all of that every day!”. And you are right – you can’t eat it. But you can drink it:)

* some ceramic cooking pots:

Why ceramic, you may ask:) The best hidden truth is that most of the rest cooking pans and pots are toxic. The Teflon or tefal cover is the worst when using it at high temperatures. And when you cook the temperature is high, right. If you are interested there is a lot of info in the net on the matter and the best thing you can do is to throw away all of your Teflon covered pots and buy some new ceramic ones.

* one glass or ceramic cutting board:

The wood ones are not good, because all kinds of micro organisms and deceases live there happily ever after. The plastic ones are toxic if not properly made. And the only other option we have is a tempered glass or ceramic one. If you choose the glass one my only advice to you is to be careful with your ceramic knives on them, because they are easily broken (the knives I mean, not the board).

* add also one ceramic knife and a ceramic peeler to the set and you are done!