Why Canteen Seating Is an Important Part of the School

Why Canteen Seating Is an Important Part of the School

Canteen Seating in the School

It may be overlooked, but the canteen is a very important place within the school and it is therefore essential that the canteen seating provided is of high quality. The canteen is often where students buy their hot meal or where they choose to sit if they have bought a packed lunch. More schools and colleges in the UK are trying to promote healthy eating and good nutrition so it is vital that there is a friendly and comfortable place to sit to back up this message. The right canteen seating can attract students to the dining area. If you choose hard back and dull seating it is likely you will have a very empty area. Lunch time allows the students to relax with friends and fuel up before carrying on with the rest of the day and providing them with an attractive canteen can actually increase productivity.

The Aim of the School Canteen

If students don’t bring their own lunch, the school canteen is where they look to. It is often the case that these students cannot leave the premises between 9am and 3pm so it is important that the canteen offers a wide range of food and complies with food safety and hygiene regulations. The canteen is there to:

Provide students with a variety of food and drinks – mainly healthy options

Offer a friendly environment to enjoy lunch time

Offer special dietary requirements for some students

Adhere to food safety and hygiene in preparing, cooking and serving food

Ideas for Brightening Up the Space

If the current canteen is dull and dated, it is worth acting upon this quickly. Previous research has shown that poor quality canteens have an impact on the way children view school food. Get the school excited about the makeover of the canteen by informing pupils and sending out letters to parents. The school should also look at the menu on offer and look at the best way of making it as healthy as possible. Students want to get away from the stress of the classroom whilst they are enjoying their lunch so make sure the canteen is bright and the atmosphere is relaxed. The attitude of the staff working in the canteen can also make the difference. A great way of deciding what the design of the new canteen will look like is by asking students. Carry out some research and find out what they would like to see!