Can You Find a Spouse By Using Dating Websites?

We live in a world surrounded by technological advancements that are affecting our daily lives and activities. Since the Internet entered the scene, online dating became widely available as well.

At the same time, you can find more than forty million Americans available on online dating services, which means that it is one of the largest industries online that generates billions of dollars annually.

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If you have in mind that numbers are on your side, the question is whether you can use them to find a long-lasting relationship or not. These sites can generally help you deal with geographic location, especially since you can find a wide range of people who share your thoughts.

Advantages of Online Dating Services

You can quickly contact someone based on your shared interests or the place you live, work, and many more. At the same time, it is vital to understand that you will have chances to meet people who share similar beliefs.

You can implement a wide array of preferences to match with people by using algorithms and tools that will conduct research instead of you.

You can also find specialized websites and platforms known as niche dating services specifically for Catholics, for instance.

That way, you can discuss your beliefs from the very start, which will help you get ready for a real date. Remember that one of the most critical factors for long-lasting relationships is sharing the same values, which will help you meet that special someone.

Finally, the website will help you meet people much faster and easier than in-person, which will help you evaluate your interests before meeting in person. That way, you can evaluate relationships’ potential, primarily since most platforms operate by using matching algorithms.

At the same time, after a few interactions, you will meet in a public place to meet the other person. Remember that three out of four interactions can be ideal, which means you will notice the chemistry without meeting that particular someone.

Besides, some platforms are sponsoring specific events with an idea to boost the number of face-to-face meetings.

You probably know that most websites have to conduct safety precautions to ensure the overall safety of users. Therefore, you have to follow the rules and regulations and provide the relevant screen profiles that will meet the standards of the company you have chosen.

Of course, you can find the platforms that people are using to conduct various frauds and violations of decency standards by sending inappropriate materials.

Most platforms will recommend you avoid sharing your email address and phone number before meeting in person.

Of course, it is essential to be as cautious as possible and responsible for your specific safety, which is something you need to prepare yourself for.

Things to Know About Online Dating Scams

Catfishing or online dating frauds are common problems you should know about before starting online dating.

Catfishing is a process in which an individual creates a fake identity to harass and annoy someone online, flirt without commitment, or take money from the victim.

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Their main goal is to lure you into a relationship so that they can take money out of you, which can go up to thousands of dollars in some situations.

How Do Scammers Operate?

We have mentioned above that most of them use platforms that come with low-security features, which allows them to create fake profiles with ease.

Sometimes they tend to use stock images and fake names, while in others, they steal someone’s identity and personal information.

At the same time, they claim to have jobs abroad, such as working in the military or on an oilrig. They tend to seek vulnerable and lonely victims and try to build meaningful relationships with them.

It is a form of a long con because they can easily spend months preparing and winning their victims with poetry, long messages, gifts, and regular conversations. In most cases, they already have pre-written scripts based on certain factors.

After a while, they will start asking for money. It will start as a small amount such as a few dollars for a specific thing such as a birthday present for parents or something else.

As soon as they get close to the victim, they start to talk about the crisis they went through, such as legal or medical problems, robbery, business opportunity, or frozen bank account.

At the same time, they tend to work with someone who can pose as a lawyer, doctor, or friend that can back their story up. Generally, they ask for money in forms that are challenging to trace, including wire transfer or prepaid card.

You should know that victims are mostly happy to pay because they think they are helping someone they know, including their love interest, which will boost the person’s meeting.

However, things tend to go in the opposite direction because scammers tend to request more money and keep up with the fraud for years. Finally, when the victim starts to get her senses through, the scammer will disappear.

Scammer Profile

Keep in mind that most of them operate outside the US. According to some studies, most of them come from Nigeria and Ghana, but other West African countries. Some of them are college students will low income, while others are career criminals depending on numerous factors.

For instance, in Nigeria, these fraudsters are known as Yahoo Boys because they have bought expensive jewelry, fancy cars, and other things with the amounts they get from victims. So before you check out some dating sites meant for a man, you should find ways to protect yourself.

Keep in mind that they tend to hook numerous victims simultaneously, which allows them to get the money they can spend. According to one report, a single person has worked twenty-five different frauds at once, posing as both women and men.

It is a problem that most platforms understand, so you should choose only premium ones that come with safety and verification features and regulations that will protect you against scammers in general.