Questions About Psychiatric Services

Do you need psychiatric services to assist with your mental health needs, or do you need another type of care? When people talk about mental health services, it is common to hear terms like “psychiatrist” and “psychologist” thrown around interchangeably with other mental health associations like “social worker” and “therapist.” If you find yourself confused, it is unsurprising. To clear things up, here are some questions that help define the field of psychiatry.

What Are Psychiatric Services?

When an individual needs a doctor to diagnose, treat and prevent a mental health disturbance, the branch of medicine they can turn to is psychiatry. This field of mental health care addresses a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues, including substance abuse disorders. Psychiatric services Waltham MA can be comprehensive, providing a number of services to assist unique patient needs. From talk therapy to medications to psychosocial interventions, there are many options available.

What Is the Difference Between Psychiatric and Psychological Services?

Although psychologists typically have advanced degrees, they do not have the ability to prescribe medication to their patients. Both types of mental health professionals work with psychotherapy techniques, but their approaches differ. A psychiatrist often uses psychotherapy alongside antidepressants, sedatives or mood stabilizers. For a psychologist, psychotherapy supplements a variety of psychological tests and evaluations. So which health professional is better? The answer to that lies in your individual needs. What is most important to you in addressing your mental health?

Even though society has come a long way in terms of talking about mental health, there is still a lot of confusion. One of the best ways to learn more about various mental health services is by conducting some online research through reputable websites. Another option is to call your local community mental health center. Between these kinds of resources and the information here, you can better understand your options.