Beauty is More Than 30 Minutes of Make Up

Beauty is More Than 30 Minutes of Make Up

Do you ever wonder how Hollywood celebrities always seem to manage to look camera ready? I guess you could just say that if you’ve got tons of money you can have hairdressers, makeup people and everything else you need to look your best before you even head out to the corner store, but the real answer is probably a little more complex.

If you want to have a perfectly sculpted body that only bulges in the right places you are going to have to work hard for that. But if you want to have that healthy glow that you only get from good skin, shiny hair and that bounce in your step that comes from feeling fit and healthy, than proper nutrition is the key. Eating right is not work, it is a lifestyle.

Although calorie requirements will change with your age and with the level of your daily activity a general rule of thumb is that teenage girls and young adult women need about 2,200 calories per day to meet their nutritional requirements. Teenage boys and young adult men need about 2,800 calories per day. Again these are very general rules. As your weight and level of activity increases your need for calories increases also.

Do not go by calories alone. You also need the right kind of fuel to be sure that your body is getting all the nutrients that it needs to make a healthy you. Things like candy bars, potato chips, and soft drinks have a lot of calories but very little nutritional value. Healthy foods packed with nutrition include fruits and vegetables, whole grains, most dairy products, lean meats, fish, chicken, beans, nuts and other proteins. Fruits and vegetables are like bonus foods. They contain a lot of water so they tend to make you feel full when you eat them. And since they are relatively low on calories to begin with you get a ton of fiber, vitamins and minerals and do not go away hungry looking for another snack.

If you had a personal trainer and a personal nutritionists like some of those Hollywood celebrities you could have your daily menu planned, prepared, and laid out for you at just the right times of the day. That ain’t gonna’ happen, however, so all the planning and preparation is up to you. If your schedule permits it eating small portions of the right kinds of foods five to nine times a day would keep you slimmer and also help reduce your risk of many diseases and also help in the prevention of infections and colds.

You know what the right foods are from the short list above. But if you do not know which fruits and vegetables you should be eating, the answer is simple – you want the widest variety you can get. It’s easy with fruits and vegetables because they come in almost every color. You can create variety in your diet just …

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Deuteronomy: Healthy Eating Habits

Deuteronomy: Healthy Eating Habits

The book of Deuteronomy is one of those books that most of us overlook. It’s filled with a bunch of do’s and don’ts that really doesn’t seem to apply to most of us. It is a book inspired by God and written by Moses as a guideline for Godly living. But, is it for us as Christians?

The Jews include this book as part of their Torah. The Torah consists of the first five books of the Old Testament. This is what they go by and they use it in their daily living. So, is Deuteronomy just for the Jewish community? Or should we, as Christians, apply it to our lives, too? It’s in the Bible for a reason. I’ll let you decide.

(Read Deuteronomy Chapter 14)

This chapter contains a list of foods that was commanded of God to eat and not to eat. It was intended for the new Israelites that Moses led from Egypt to the promise land. As with all commands, if you didn’t apply it and do it, there was a consequence.

Proper eating habits should be a concern for all of us. If we eat the wrong foods, our health could be at risk. Ask any doctor! Many patients that have heart attacks or high blood pressure have something in common: a poor diet.

What if Deuteronomy Chapter 14 was also a food menu for healthy living? We could apply it to our lives and live better. Take a look at it and let me know what you think:

Meat You Can Eat

A. Animals that have a split hoof divided in two and that chew the cud

• Ox

• Sheep

• Goat

• Deer

• Gazelle

• Ibex

• Antelope

Exceptions: Camel, rabbit, pig and coney (type of rabbit or rodent)


• Cows didn’t make the list and it is one of the major meats we eat. It can be added because a cow has 2 hooves and chew cud.

• As a Redneck, I am thankful that the deer made the list. However, I am disappointed that rabbits and pigs didn’t. According to many healthy diet sites, pork is bad for you anyway.

B. Creatures living in the water

• All fish that have fins and scales

Exceptions: Anything that does not have fins and scales

Notes: A catfish would not fall into the ‘To Eat’ category. If you really think about it, a catfish eats off the bottom of the water and there’s no telling what they eat.

C. Birds

• Any clean bird

Exceptions: Eagle, vulture, kite, falcon, raven, owl, osprey, cormorant, stork, heron, hoopoe, and bat

Notes: Chicken and turkey are considered ‘clean’. That’s a good thing because we eat a lot of chicken. Probably because its one of the foods that we can afford at the grocery store.

D. Winged creatures

• Any winged creature that is clean

Exceptions: All flying insects that swarm

Notes: This category doesn’t create any problems for …

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Healthy Food Sources Of Good Cholesterol You Should Consider To Prevent Heart Disease Or Stroke

Healthy Food Sources Of Good Cholesterol You Should Consider To Prevent Heart Disease Or Stroke

The long-established link between high cholesterol and heart disease is undeniable, and one of the primary sources of high cholesterol is food. So adopting the healthy food sources of good cholesterol is paramount, if you are to achieve any success at achieving healthy cholesterol levels.

While cholesterol is needed by the body, for important functions like hormone creation and cell membrane protection, high levels of LDL cholesterol (bad) or low levels of HDL (good), put you at risk of developing coronary artery disease, or having a heart attack or stroke.

When LDL levels become too high, the excess LDL fixes itself to the arterial walls, causing plaque to accumulate, which in time, causes blockages in the coronary arteries feeding the brain and heart. A partial or full blockage can cause a stroke or heart attack.

The same is true of HDL, as high levels of HDL are needed to counteract the actions of too much LDL, through its role of removing the excess LDL levels and bringing them to the liver for excretion.

Choosing healthy food sources of good cholesterol will most likely include some diet and lifestyle changes. These kinds of foods help lower LDL cholesterol, and at the same time, increase HDL. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the healthy food sources of good cholesterol:

Fruits * grapefruit* blueberries* apples* cranberries* avocados* olives* pears* tomatoes* prunes* raspberries* grapes

Vegetables* spinach* onions* carrots* cauliflower* garlic* artichoke* broccoli* brussel sprouts* kale* leeks* watercress * eggplant

Others* almonds* oats* walnuts* whole wheat bread* green tea* salmon* tuna* beans* legumes* olive oil* red wine

You should try to incorporate as many of the above healthy food sources of good cholesterol into your daily diet as possible.

You also need to avoid, or at least limit, any foods that are high in saturated fats, trans fats and cholesterol, as those foods will cause your LDL cholesterol levels to elevate to potentially dangerous levels.

Make sure you get enough omega 3 in your diet, as omega 3 is very beneficial for lowering high cholesterol. If you are unsure about eating fish, then choose a good quality natural fish oil supplement.

While we are on the subject of supplements, adding a cholesterol supplement, with natural ingredients like policosanol, D-limonene, theaflavins, lecithin and phytosterols, will go a long way to helping you achieve optimal cholesterol levels.

Those ingredients have achieved amazing success at lowering LDL and triglycerides and raising HDL too.

Now you have a better understanding of the healthy food sources of good cholesterol, which will prove beneficial in helping you to make good food choices, even when eating out.

If you are ready to achieve optimal cholesterol levels, for outstanding heart health, then visit my website today, where I share what I personally successfully used, and continue to use, for healthy cholesterol levels and super heart health.…

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Supplements Vs Raw Organic Superfood

Supplements Vs Raw Organic Superfood

In today’s society our culture has completely embraced the idea of supplements. The term multivitamin is a common little pill that many people start off their day popping into their mouthes.

There are so many questions that I have about these little pills in plastic bottles. First of all, where are these vitamins coming from? Secondly do I really need them? If I take vitamins that I don’t need will this have a harmful effect on my body? I guess most people’s mentality (including mine) is that you can’t really go wrong if you add them in. Who was it that came up with the “you will just pee the ones you don’t need out” idea? Is this really true? If we take too much calcium for example, will our bodies pee it out or will it start to deposit on our bones as bone spurs, or osteoarthritis? I am not a dr. or a scientist, so I have no idea what the answers are to these questions, but I do find myself wondering all the time.

It’s common known fact now a days that most of our soil is depleted and the vegetables that we are eating don’t have as many vitamins and minerals as they used to. If this is indeed the case, then it does make sense to me that the average person is probably depleted in at least a few core vitamins or minerals. If this is the case, what do we do? Should we start taking a cocktail of supplements just to be sure or should we investigate further and pick and choose our supplementation.

I think for starters, what we can all start doing is spending a little bit more money and buy organic superfood. It would also be a good idea to start incorporating vegan raw foods into your daily routine. If you purchase organic food you will be eating food that comes from sustainable farming, which means there isn’t all kinds of pesticides, fungicides and insecticides in your food. This also means that the soil has been naturally fertilized and will contain a much higher density of nutrients.

For those of you who have access to a good dr. and healthcare, or the funds to pay for a blood test, I would highly recommend that you go out and have your blood tested. A few months back I asked my dr. and he was happy to test my blood for any core vitamin and mineral deficiencies. I was concerned about my Vitamin B levels due to the fact that I no longer eat meat. My tests came back great, I had no deficiencies which was a good thing!

I also think you can’t go wrong with the intent to get your nutrients from food. When you think of a vitamin or a mineral you think of one molecule only. The biochemistry industry would say that in it’s molecular form this vitamin is just as beneficial as eating …

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Fat Burning Workouts For a Healthier Lifestyle

Fat Burning Workouts For a Healthier Lifestyle

Fat is a huge problem for people nowadays and it takes a lot of time and energy to control excessive fat. Fat can be controlled by a combination of exercises and by eating healthy food. To control the overweight issue, many people do fat burning workouts. But, there is a big misconception that workouts can only be done inside the gym. In fact, we can safely say that fat burning workouts are part of a larger exercising regime which can help in reducing weight.

To start with this process, we should normally start with consuming less diet. This does not mean that one should eat less or does not eat at all. In fact, this means that we should eat healthy food; eat lots of vegetables, take fruits daily and drink natural fruit juices.

Apart from modifying the diet, fat burning workouts should be carried out as it can help reduce the body weight. These workouts can be carried out in the gym, with the help of a trained workout professional. Most of the people try to go for body and muscle building in the gym. This can help you as body shed fat, but this will not be long term as once you leave the gym, your body mass will begin to increase.

Apart from fat burning workouts in gym, other plans include jogging and running. Now some people may not take jogging and running seriously, but it is a well known fact that regular jogging is extremely beneficial for burning calories and increasing stamina, both of which are crucial for burning fat. The important thing here is being regular during your jogging workouts and aim to increase your length of the running in less time.

Other than running, cycling can also be a fat killer. Fat burning workouts can be carried out by cycling in gym or on your own typical bike. Bike riding is extensively used for travel and it can be a helpful way of including bike riding in your daily routine. Bikes can be used to commute and at the same time can considerably reduce body fats.

Swimming is called by experts as the total body workout. When you swim nearly all the muscles in your body are in motion. A swimmers body is known as the perfect body. Among the many fat burning workouts, swimming is the ideal workout. Most of the people tend to stay away from swimming due to the logistics involved such as the availability of a suitable swimming pool but the fact remains that it is the perfect fat burning workout.

Apart from outdoor workouts, there are certain fat burning workouts that you can do in the gym such as the treadmill walk and cardio cycle.

Weight lifting can also help you burn fat but that will also increase the body mass. For people, who want to keep their weight down through workouts, they need to adopt a healthy lifestyle for solving their …

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Cellulite And Body Detoxification

Cellulite And Body Detoxification

Many women across the globe are facing problems with their skin conditions. In fact, this happen to any women of any age or size. With the advancements in the medical science, many developments have taken place all across the globe that helps women to get rid of damage caused by cellulite.

There are many ways by which you can remove the effects of cellulite from your body and detoxification method is one of them. This is actually caused due to the deposition of fats and fluids below the skin and the toxic substances can really harm the body of a person if it is left unattended. Therefore it is very important to undergo the process of detoxification in order to remove cellulite from the body.

Regular exercise is very important to escape from the effects of cellulite on the body. Along with exercise you should also practice to take regular food habits with healthy food items rather than taking fatty and junk food items. This will help you to remain healthy without facing any other health issues. You might be wondering the type of diet menu to be followed while undergoing the detoxification diet for cellulite.

You might already know the effects of cellulite as it will block the proper circulation of blood due to the presence of toxins in the body. Healthy food habits can definitely help you to get rid of toxins from the body and this will increase the circulation of blood throughout the body. Naturally you will feel refreshed wherein your skin troubles will vanish with the detoxification process. You are suggested to take food items that increase the rate of metabolism rather than taking fatty food items which slows down the metabolic rate. The process also helps you to reduce the body mass considerably.

You should take only healthy food items rather than having junk food items. You should definitely reduce the fat contents from your diet menu. You will be benefited by the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and once in a while you can have fat contents. But you should never make this as a regular habit in taking fat contents as it will affect your health conditions negatively.

You can survive by taking beans, carrots, broccoli, chicken and fish along with fiber and protein contents. You should strictly avoid caffeine, tea, sugar substances, salty food items, fat and oily contents as it will promote the growth of cellulite in your body. Apart from that unwanted habits like smoking and drinking alcohol should be avoided as it also acts as a promoter for the growth of cellulite. You might have seen people taking diet pills to reduce fat but these pills are very dangerous as it can result in many side effects for which you should again seek treatment. Detoxification diet is the best process as it depends only on the intake of fresh food items rather than any preserved items.

There are many other treatments available for …

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Why Do We Need Carbohydrates?

Why Do We Need Carbohydrates?

Why do we need carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are considered to be the prime source of fuel for energy in the human body. They are one of the most essential building blocks in your system that gives you protection against dehydration, in turn increasing your energy to perform activities.

Carbohydrates control and maintain the strength, stamina, speed and power, which favor a quicker recovery and accounts for the wellbeing of the body. Most importantly, they provide the body with the important nutrients to help prevent muscle breakdown.

The carbohydrates are broadly classified as simple and complex carbohydrates. Both of these have their own advantages. For instance, eating complex carbohydrates provides you with long lasting energy. A good source of complex carbohydrates is whole grains, oats and vegetables.

The simple carbohydrates are basically a combination of Monosaccharide’s and disaccharides, most of which are sugars. For example, Glucose, fructose and galactose are the only carbohydrates that can be absorbed into the bloodstream through the lining of your intestines. These are the simple carbohydrates and digest quickly and enter the bloodstream quickly. The need of carbohydrates arises when you are undergoing a strict and intense training procedure which involves a lot of work out and energy. In such scenarios, they deliver you with the energy and stamina to work hard without getting exhausted.

Nevertheless, Carbohydrates play essential roles in the body’s proper functioning. Let’s just face the fact that our body requires its daily energy doses especially because of the high energy demand it poses to work every day. Apparently, the brain which is the powerhouse of the body needs the energy in the form of glucose to carry out the activities in the body.

A well balanced diet must consist of carbohydrates for energy, protein for cell growth and body mass and vitamins. Here’s a logical explanation of why what happens to the carbohydrates that you consume. When carbohydrates are taken, they are easily broken down to glucose which is the sugar that gives energy to the brain and the whole body. This glucose in turn changes to glycogen which will then be deposited in the liver for further use, maybe later on by the body. The body makes a continuous use of the glucose we consume which diminishes and needs to replenish more. With more carbohydrate consumption, more glucose is produced which means more energy for the body. Nonetheless, always remember the fact that sugary products like candies and sodas are to be avoided.

The primary sources of carbohydrates are fruits, like guava, apples. Then you have pears, corn, watermelon, banana, paw-paw, grains like rice, wheat, bread and potatoes and many more to step up your list. The main advantage here is that they give you the essential energy to the body and are very cheap to buy. Moreover, they can be consumed and accessed by everyone, both old and young people as everyone needs a certain level of starchy food in their diet to maintain and account …

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What Are the Benefits of Eating Paleo Food?

What Are the Benefits of Eating Paleo Food?

The Paleo diet includes foods rich in nutrients and free from added chemicals, preservatives and other additives that may harm the body. Paleo foods on the Paleo diet provide a healthy, balanced supply of energy for optimal health; the cavemen knew it centuries ago and medical doctors recommend similar foods for losing weight and controlling other health issues such as high blood pressure and issues with low energy levels.

The Dangers of Processed Foods

Foods that are processed such as breads, cereals, sweets and other packaged goods, contain sugars and additives that interfere with the natural processes of the body. Specifically, the way food is converted into energy is interrupted when processed foods are added to a person’s diet. This interruption interferes with the breakdown of stored fat, leading to weight gain.

The body cannot breakdown fat and convert it to energy when it is overloaded with sugars and processed foods. And, this overload can lead to more than just weight gain; high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes are all possible side effects of a diet high in processed foods. Eating Paleo foods and using Paleo recipes for meals eliminates these health risks. You can make small and easy change in your nutrition today, following my link at the end using a good paleo book.

The Paleo Diet

A Paleo food list contains the most natural foods available today: seeds, fish, meats, fruits, eggs and vegetables. This combination ensures that the body receives the nutrients it needs daily.

Benefits of the Paleo Diet

The loss of excess fat begins immediately on the Paleo diet. As natural foods replace processed foods that led to weight gain, elevated blood pressure and decreased energy, the body begins to breakdown its fat storage as a source of energy. This leads to weight loss, regulated blood pressure and increased energy levels.

Weight Control

Eating a natural diet free of processed foods allows the body to heal itself from the start. If you don’t know where to start to do this, I recommend trying the new paleo book, the new cookbook recipes using the link below. Once these foods are eliminated from the diet, the cleansing process begins. Sugars no longer interfere with the metabolism and the breakdown of stored fat. Hunger decreases significantly since the carbohydrates in the system no longer trick the body into false hunger cravings. Weight loss begins!

Blood Pressure

A diet low in sugars and processed foods is usually high in protein, like the recipes you’ll find in the new paleo book. An article on “Protein Intake and Blood Pressure Reduction” includes findings that blood pressure is lowered with diets that include higher protein levels. This supports that the Paleo diet is good for lowering high blood pressure, in addition to weight loss!


When a body is fueled with natural energy sources, it is allowed to work at top efficiency, since processed, unnatural foods and additives are no longer interfering with …

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How to Lose Weight With Foods That Burn Fat

How to Lose Weight With Foods That Burn Fat

The simple secret to losing weight is to eat food that burns fat. These types of foods actually work by helping you burn more calories than you take in and they also increase your metabolism which burns off extra calories. For example, there are certain fruits and vegetables that you can eat that will help you increase your metabolism and continue to burn calories long after your daily exercise routine is finished. The best part is, all the food is easy to prepare, easily found at your local grocery store and full of flavor.

Grapefruit is one remarkable food that can actually work to jump start weight loss. If you eat half of a grapefruit three times a day before each meal you could lose an additional three pounds over twelve weeks (without changing your diet in any other way). Pure grapefruit juice has also been shown to have the same positive effect on the body’s metabolism.

Almonds are another super food that you can eat that will work to stimulate your metabolism and could help you shed 18% of your body fat over a six month period.

There have also been many different scientific studies that link the consumption of tea to weight loss. One or more cups of tea per week for at least six months has been shown to reduce body fat by almost 20% in tea drinkers. Green tea is especially helpful in assisting in weight loss as it stimulates the body to use up any excess fat for energy.

Believe it or not, dark chocolate is also part of the inner circle of food that burn fat because it is high in anti-oxidants and helps to prevent the body from storing up fat cells. An ounce of dark chocolate a day is an excellent source of these fat cell fighting anti-oxidants.

Remember that moderation is the key, even when eating food that burn fat. Be sure that you only consume the “single serving” amount because over-eating – even with healthy food – can lead to weight gain. With all these delicious foods that can aid in weight loss, any diet that consists of natural fat burning foods can now be looked at as a culinary adventure.…

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Low Residue Diet – How Important to Your Health?

Low Residue Diet – How Important to Your Health?

A low residue diet is a low fiber diet that can be recommended for certain kinds of health conditions like IBD and diverticulitis. It can also be recommended to follow for pre operation and post operation dieting. It works to help decrease the bowel movements that a person has by limiting the amount of fiber in the diet. Usually people who follow the low residue diet consume less than ten grams of fiber per day. This is quite different than a lot of diets where people eat high amount of fiber. The key to this diet is eating foods that are lower in residue like white rice, refined pasta, enriched white bread and buns, plain cereals and fruit juices.

People who are on the low residue diet can choose vegetable juices and avoid certain kinds of vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage and Swiss chard. Instead of eating those types of vegetables, people on the diet can eat vegetable juices, tender vegetables like carrots, celery, cucumber, eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms and green and yellow beans. Some of the fruits that are included in the diet are applesauce, apricots, bananas, cantaloupe, canned fruit and watermelon. Healthy foods are typically thought to be all fruits and vegetables, but people on this diet should avoid raw and dried fruits and whole grains.

It is a good idea to get a healthy eating eBook and find yourself some good low residue diet before you start any kind of diet. The low residue diet may require you to take certain vitamins and supplements to get the nutrients that you are not getting from avoiding certain foods. It can be a good diet for those who have IBS and want to limit the amount of bowel movements that they have each day and for those with other medical conditions that should have restricted bowel movements.

If you are thinking about starting the low residue diet, you should definitely refer healthy eating ebooks to get a complete list of healthy foods that you can be eating while on the diet and have a good knowledge of the proteins and vitamins that you need to eat while you are on the diet. These ebooks will help you learn about all the foods that you should be eating, and the foods that you should avoid while you are on the diet and if you are going to need to take any kind of vitamins while you are on the diet to get the nutrients that you need from not eating certain kinds of foods in your diet.…

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Foods For Good Health and Vitality

Foods For Good Health and Vitality

We know that all fruits, vegetables and nuts are good source of nutrition. Yet there are some foods that can be categorised as wonder foods that helps create maximum health and vitality. You will be surprised at how many of the items in the list below can be found in your fridge or pantry. Below are a few of the most important ones.

Oats – This is one of the very few internationally accepted foods that are beneficial to your health and vitality. It is a great breakfast food that has proven to actively lower cholesterol. It is also a high source of slow releasing carbohydrates that provides energy over a longer period of time.

Sprouts – Truly a wonder food, they contain a high levels of chlorophyll and hence are known as the building blocks of life. It has very high nutrition in simple form and hence should be incorporated into our diets as often as possible.

Grapefruit – Grapefruit is quiet popular as a breakfast fruit due to its high content of vitamin C. It is known to prevent cold and flu. Studies shows that grapefruit increases your metabolism, promoting fat burning.

Bananas – Bananas are known to contain one of the highest content of potassium. It is a high source of slow releasing carbohydrate that converts quickly to sugar and provides sustained energy over a longer period of time.

Grapes – This is a quick release sugar food that is packed with vitamins and minerals. They also help increased metabolism and accelerates the elimination of toxins form the body.

Ginger – Ginger is best known to help aid digestion. It boosts circulation and aids in the natural production of bile. Infusing ginger into tea can help relieve morning sickness amongst pregnant women as well as travel sickness.

Garlic – We should make sure to incorporate garlic into our daily diet as much as possible since it has antifungal and antiviral properties. It also helps lower high blood pressure.…

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Tips for Limiting Sugar When Shopping

Tips for Limiting Sugar When Shopping

A label may not actually come right out and say it contains sugar because that would be too simple but that does not mean it does not actually have sugar in it. Some ingredients that are listed on labels and actually have sugar include amazake, carob powder, corn syrup, dextrose, fructose, evaporated cane juice, honey, and maltose. It is important to try to limit foods high in these ingredients or to avoid them altogether whenever possible. One way you can do is by buying tea bags or unsweetened tea instead of pop. It will provide you with the antioxidants you need and help your heart and it may even lower risk for diabetes.

Another way to avoid loading up on sugar when shopping is to buy nonfat, unsweetened, plain yogurt and mix in your own fruit and nuts later. This will help you to cut down on saturated fat, and the extra sugar that gets added to sweetened yogurt. Adding in blueberries or granola can also give you an extra helping of fiber and helps to provide the right amount of sweetness and crunch. Something else you can do is to pick mustard over ketchup to put on your hot dogs, hamburgers or other sandwiches. Mustard unlike ketchup has no added sugar and is lower in sodium as well.

We all try our best to buy foods that give us the most nutritional value possible, but when some of these ingredients are added it can make shopping for the best food a little more complicated. These tips and simple advice though you can really limit the amount of sugar in many of your favorite foods and drinks. This will help with better weight loss results and help you to feel better as well.…

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Diet Tips For Summer

Diet Tips For Summer

Following a diet plan during the holidays can be a really difficult thing and most people just give up dieting during that time. However, you can still watch your weight and enjoy yourself during the holiday.

1 – Work out – even if it’s a holiday you shouldn’t skip your workouts; this way you can easily minimize the influence all that holiday food will have on your body. If you simply don’t have time to work out, at least go for walks or go out dancing with your friends. To make things easier you can always schedule your workouts and make sure you have time for them; they shouldn’t last more than 30 minutes – 1 hour so even if you are extremely busy, you can always squeeze 30 minutes of weight training in your program.

2 – Party Eating – We get invited to a lot of parties and gatherings during the holidays and there’s a lot of bad food served there. A good tip would be to eat only healthy food at first and then you should start eating the high calorie food. This way you can get full faster with healthy food and there will be little space for high calorie food. Also, alcohol can really influence your metabolism and diet, so don’t drink too much. If you have to drink, stay away from sweet drinks and opt for dry wine instead. You can always try to mix your wine with sparkling water to make sure that you don’t get too many calories from it. Also, many people don’t eat before parties because they think they will eat more and this way they will cut some calories. That’s not a very smart thing to do because you can end up eating more than you would have eaten throughout the day. If you want to look slimmer you can eat something light before you go to a party but never leave the house with an empty stomach.

3 – Starting a Diet – Try not to start a whole new way of eating during a holiday because it might be hard for you to commit to it with all those temptations. Instead, you should try only to eat less and exercise a bit. After the holiday is over, you won’t have extra pounds and you can start your healthy diet. If you are already on a diet during a holiday, making sure that you follow it and only cheat during family meals is the key. One or two meals where you eat whatever you want won’t compromise your diet at all, but the mistake most people do is eating whatever they want during the entire holiday.…

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Planning a Meal? Include the Family

Planning a Meal? Include the Family

Most people recoil at the thought of sitting down and planning a meal a few days in advance. However, taking a couple of hours a week to plan a menu, jotting down your grocery list, and going to the store can you save you much more time over the week.

Arrange an evening or a weekend day to sit down with your family with a calendar. Attempt to do this at the same time each week to turn it into a family ritual. It is a good idea to include the whole family in this planning process for a number of reasons.

Your kids will not learn how to prepare and make nutritious, healthy snacks and meals unless they are taught from an early age.

Organising a journey to the local grocery store uses many skills that can be beneficial to children as well as planning ahead. They can learn about budgeting their money, managing time, storage management, bargaining and negotiation skills.

A lot of parents are already too busy. By getting the whole family involved, the workload can be shared out and the family gets a chance to spend some quality time together while performing an important chore for the upkeep of the family.

When children get involved from the beginning in the planning and selection of nutritious, healthy meals, they feel empowered and proud when their food choices make it onto the weekly menu. They will be more susceptible to trying new, healthy food when they have been involved in the selection process. Also, they will be learning good eating habits that will hopefully stay with them all their life.

This time spent together by your family will give you the chance to explain to your kids why you are making the changes to the menu, and why they are important for your and their general health.…

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The Five Steps Involved in Water Damage Restoration

Several steps are involved in water damage restoration. First, remove any damaged materials. If structural damage is present, you may need to replace them. You should also remove any decorative items. It may be necessary to hire a professional contractor. After the area has been cleared of water, the restoration process can begin. This article will discuss the steps involved in water damage restoration and the IICRC certification requirements for water damage restoration companies. You can also learn about the health risks associated with untreated water damage.

Cost of water damage restoration

A variety of factors determines the cost of water damage restoration. The size of the area affected the type of water and the source of the water damaged all elements in the final price. Water mitigation can also include mold removal and reconstruction of the area. Once you’ve determined the extent of the water damage, you can begin the restoration process. To avoid any surprises, always ask for a written estimate from each company before any work begins.

The first step to water damage cleanup is to isolate the water source. Often, the best way to do this is to stop the water source completely, which will significantly reduce the risk of structural damage. The cost of extraction services will depend on the type of water that caused the injury, such as flood or water leaks. Gray water (also known as sullage) is often responsible for water damage, although it contains relatively small contaminants and isn’t lethal.

Steps involved in water damage restoration

Water damage restoration is a five-step process that begins with an inspection and ends with restoring your home. Each step serves a vital purpose, ensuring that the water damage has been contained and contaminants are removed. Typically, the steps involved in water damage restoration are inspection, water removal, drying, cleaning, and restoration. Depending on the extent of the damage, each step may involve one or more of the following:

Restoration consists of restoring the affected area to its pre-damaged state. It entails removing any damaged materials that were removed during the cleanup phase. Restoration will then repair or replace materials damaged by water and other types of damage and will restore your home to its pre-damaged state. Some additional steps should be performed after water damage restoration has been completed, but they are essential to the safety and security of your home or business.

IICRC certification requirements for water damage restoration companies

A certified water damage restoration company is your best bet for quick and affordable service. While this certification is unnecessary for every water damage restoration company, it can give you peace of mind in an otherwise stressful situation. These companies must meet stringent guidelines and follow IICRC certification requirements to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. In addition to being a reliable source of water damage restoration services, certified companies are more likely to provide the best customer service.

Water damage restoration professionals and businesses that meet IICRC certification requirements have …

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Healthy Food Plans – The Right Food for Weight Loss

Healthy Food Plans – The Right Food for Weight Loss

Deciding upon several possible healthy food plans is the most important factors in any weight loss program. Let me make one thing very clear though; when you eat MORE foods during the day than your body is actually physically able to burn off you WILL gain weight…

This is the “Scientific Formula” to weight loss. Plain and True.

To stop yourself from gaining weight and actually begin losing weight you must plan a healthier way of eating:

#1) The first step is to start a food journal, all good healthy food plans have you keep a list of all the food you eat throughout the day. You should begin that journal today even before starting your diet. This will give you insight into your eating patterns and help you calculate the amount of food you are consuming.

#2) You need to learn to read the packaging of goods you buy and become familiar with how much a serving size is. Portion Control. You should plan on eating smaller meals more often throughout the day. The recommended amount is 3 to 5 smaller meals during the day. This will help curb your hunger throughout the day by giving you the feeling of being full all day. Also, you should eat your meals slowly as this will help in better digestion.

#3) Water is essential and you must drink about sixty-four ounces of water every day.

#4) Most healthy food plans include food from all of the food groups. This allows you to have a complete diet and receive all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. To develop healthy food plans you must first learn how many servings of each of the food groups you should have.

The fruits group: contains everything from fresh fruit to canned fruit to fruit juice. Healthy food plans contain two to five servings of fruit every day.

The vegetable group: includes a vast variety of food from dark greens to salad to onions. Healthy food plans contain three and five servings of vegetables every day. Both fruits and vegetables are an important part of your diet because they contain many of the vitamins and nutrients your body need.

The dairy food group: includes foods like milk, cheese and yogurt but be sure to look for products labeled as low fat, fat free or one percent fat because choosing these dairy foods will help with your weight loss. Healthy food plans have two to three servings of dairy every day.

The protein food group: includes foods like meat, fish and poultry and you should find meat that is low fat or lean and chicken that is skinless because these contain fewer calories. Healthy food plans have two and three serving of protein a day.

The grain group: includes foods like bread, oatmeal and pasts. Instead of purchasing white bread or rice change over to whole wheat bread and brown rice, these foods are high in fiber …

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Tips in Organizing Your Kitchen and Dining Area

Tips in Organizing Your Kitchen and Dining Area

You may be able to lead a healthier life if your kitchen contains the right stuff and is well-organized. If you and your family wish to eat healthy, have easier time preparing meals and have more fun while cooking your food, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind.

Use Space Wisely

The first thing that you have to keep in mind is how you are using or not using the space that is available. A kitchen and dining area need to be safe for anyone who ventures into these places. When you are cooking and handling hot pots and pans, you have to avoid accidents. Also, your kids can become safer in a dining area that is arranged properly.

Assess how these areas in your home looks like. Once you have an idea about the positive as well as the negative parts, you can begin on planning what you are going to do. Be sure to keep path between the kitchen and the dining table clear. Furthermore, for your safety, do not put anything that will be in your way when you are on the stove or your kitchen counter.

Install cabinets and shelves that will make use of vertical space. In addition, you may have a walk-in pantry rather than one that is on one side of a wall. This way, you have a lot of storage space. Also, food storage in this space can be done safely and more effectively.

Remove Clutter

What ruins your kitchen area is the amount of clutter which might be seen there. If you wish to have an easier time cooking your food, you have to throw out items that you will no longer need. This applies to products that you have stored in your kitchen cabinet as well as in the pantry.

Removing clutter on top of your dining table is also important. Do you really need to have a vase of flowers or a basket of fruits on top on the table? If these things only take up significant space, it might be wiser to remove them and place them on another location like the counter top or a shelf.

Organize Things

You need to be able to keep track of what is placed inside your cabinet. You may be able to do this by grouping similar products. Breakfast food products may be placed in one shelf. Pots, pans and other cooking essentials may be placed in another container.

If you have young kids at home, you might want to leave some healthy food within their reach. Consider leaving fruits on top of the kitchen counter where your kids can reach. The dangerous tools like can openers, knives and similar things should be placed away from their reach. Putting locks on the cabinet for these tools will be helpful.

When you know how to organize your kitchen, you can easily make your family have more fun while preparing …

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Avoid Eating While Driving

Avoid Eating While Driving

Eating is a dangerous distraction while you’re driving. Many people eat while rushing to or from their offices. If you are eating in your vehicle while driving, you are focusing on your food and not on your driving. This may affect your health and life badly.

Now a day, our dinning routine has completely changed. There are many reasons for that. Our lives have become time machines, dull and motorized and we can not even extract a little time to eat our food in a proper manner.

Your rushing schedule doesn’t let you take a healthy, home made diet. Taking fast food at unusual hours to overcome you hunger will bring you an upset stomach. With a disturbed digestive system, you tend to look awful.

Fast food has become the fashion of the day. We prefer to take it though it contains many unhygienic elements.

Your health is in your hand. Your choice of taking low quality food will severely damage your health and eventually your life. That is dangerous.

The best thing is that you should take your meals on their proper times. Quality of food matters a lot. Make a healthy menu of your diet that should contain fresh vegetables and good quality fruits.

Try to take some time out of your busy schedule to learn how to make fresh appetizing green smoothies and vegetable salads. These foods are very good source of energy. You got to try it and you won’t regret when you will find a wonderful taste in them.

You should give a proper time to your body to take hygienic food for good health. You will take time to get used to taking a healthy food, but with your continuity and willpower you will be able to get regularly healthy diet to live an energetic, health and long life.…

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Common Pitfalls On The Path To Getting Skinny

Common Pitfalls On The Path To Getting Skinny

Lack Of Information

My first hurdle in losing weight was finding the right information. I didn’t realize that eating more protein would help raise my metabolism, or that cutting fatty foods would greatly decrease my overall calorie intake. Since I didn’t have Internet as a teenager I had to seek out information in magazines and books, then experiment to find out what information was correct. Good information is critical in staying skinny, and fortunately most of us have access to great information. You just have to do the research to find it, and experiment a bit to figure out what techniques work for you.

Lack Of Healthy Foods

At age sixteen I very rarely went to the grocery store. The house was stocked with doughnuts, cookies and the like. Dinner was served almost every night, and these meals were not exactly beneficial to my goals. I realized that if I wanted to get skinny I had to take charge of my food environment and have a supply of healthy food on hand. I took the initiative to start going to the store regularly and buying the foods I needed for my diet. This was a big step for me, because being surrounded by junk food and very little healthy food is detrimental to anyone’s weight loss program, no matter how motivated they are. It’s essential to have the good foods on hand, and if there are foods you know you’ll binge on, just don’t buy them. You won’t eat what you don’t have.

Dieting Too Hard

At one time, I figured if I starved myself for a few weeks I’d get skinny and then could go back to eating doughnuts and drinking soda. This example may sound pretty stupid, but a lot of people actually fall into the same trap. They go on a “diet”, which to them means pain and suffering. Then they give up after a short time without reaching to their goals. Instead of torturing yourself with a short term “diet” it’s much more effective to pick something you can stick to permanently. This strategy is how I finally went from 220 to 155 pounds in about a year. I picked a nutrition and exercise plan that was not torture, and that I knew I could do for a very long time.

Lack Of Motivation

Before I ever tried to lose weight, I had a list of excuses for why I didn’t need to. “I know being fat increases my risk for heart disease and diabetes, but I’m young I don’t have to worry about stuff like that now.” Or “I’m not fat, it’s all muscle.” I find that people often are in denial of how serious their problem is, and that’s because they know fixing the problem will take a lot of work. Measure the circumference of your stomach, have someone take pictures of you in your swimsuit, get your cholesterol levels checked, check your BMI, whatever it …

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How to Lose Weight Often Depends on Healthy Eating

How to Lose Weight Often Depends on Healthy Eating

If you want to lose weight consistently and keep it off you really should try health eating and forget about fast ways to lose weight

Eventually the penny drops and they learn that a balanced diet forms the bedrock of a healthy approach to living.

A healthy diet is something to be prized above all else for the contentment and feel-good factor it engenders.

There are five main food groups which are important in any health eating plan.

Throughout the western world governments are keen to ensure that the population eat five pieces of vegetables and fruits everyday. This is because these foods are packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber.

As well, many professional medical folk think your intake of vegetables and fruit will influence whether you are a candidate for some kinds of cancer and/or heart troubles.

In addition, common-or-garden problems such as acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion will usually improve as your weight reduces.

Potatoes, bread and cereal are not necessarily fattening and should form part of a healthy eating program. They are packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals and also induce vitality and energy.

Any healthy eating program should include some bread, potatoes and cereals alongside the usual vegetables and fruits. Add in some lean meats and fish and you will have a head start on most people who are trying to lose weight. Include some dairy foods and will almost certainly not be short of vitamins and minerals.

Nevertheless, you will have to avoid or cut down on some foods which you find to be appetizing. Nevertheless,if you are serious about a healthy weight loss – beware! Ideally, it is best to shun any foods high in sugar or fat and, if you cannot avoid altogether, then do your best to reduce their consumption.

Make yourself adept at reading and understanding food labels. For instance, go for low-fat products; these do not have any more than 3% or 4% fat content. Similarly, if sugar content is a problem make sure the products you buy have less than 4% sugar content.

You really must cut down on your intake of salt along with sugar and those foods with a high fat content. In truth, salt is a requirement for a healthy body; too much can cause strokes, hypertension and heart problems.

Salt is a hidden constituent part of many prepared, convenience and takeaway meals.

Surprisingly, if you keep going with healthy eating you will be the recipient of healthy weight loss as well as feeling much better.…

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Tips on Healthy Traveling For Families

Tips on Healthy Traveling For Families

Spring break is here and many of us are preparing for a nice weeklong vacation. What a relief!

Quality family time is our highest priority; but, let’s not forget that our good nutrition is a way of life that we shouldn’t leave it at home.

So let’s talk about how to stay in balance while traveling, relaxing, and having a great time with your family.

It all starts with Travel Day…

1. Smoothies for everyone!!! Even when you are up and at ’em to get an early start (like at 4AM to catch an early flight!!!), having your smoothie to start your day of travel will make a big difference in how you and your kids will feel all day.

2. Hydrate!!! Have water with you and hydrate. Especially avoid sugary drinks – they can have 16 or more teaspoons of sugar in one bottle. They don’t quench your thirst and your kids don’t need the sugar rush.

3. Bring snacks and your own lunch… peeled orange or nectarine, apples, dried fruit, dark chocolate, nuts, homemade trail mix and wraps, etc. By having ready snacks and healthy food on hand at all times, you will keep yourself from arriving at your destination feeling totally starved. So, instead of being Starvin’ Marvins ready to wolf down large volumes of whatever when you finally arrive (or, worse yet on the road), you are feeling good and ready to enjoy your good times.

Once you arrive, your number 1, 2, and 3 priorities are to RELAX and have FUN!

Here’s how to stay in balance so that you get the most pleasure out of your vacation indulgences:

1. A fruit heavy breakfast. Maybe not a smoothie but always try to include a large fruit salad and juice in your morning menu. It will keep you feeling light and energetic all morning long.

2. Stay Green. While indulging on some non-green treats, make sure that there is still plenty of green in your meals. Salads, soups, especially vegetable-based soups, grilled or steamed vegetables and other good side dishes are a wonderful complement to whatever treats you choose to enjoy.

3. Hydrate!!! I sound like a broken record; but, the multiple benefits of hydration (especially if you are spending a lot of time outdoors) are just as important on vacation.

4. Walk a lot. And, exercise if you can. If you are on a sight-seeing trip, walk wherever possible. If on the beach, walk the beach. At the end of the day you will be a healthy kind of tired that will make it easy to sleep well at night.

5. Catch up on your Z’s. If not now, then when?

By sticking to these principles, you will find it easier to relax, have fun and truly enjoy treating yourself to guilt-free pampering! And, isn’t that what a vacation is all about?

Happy Spring Break!

With love,


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Pregnancy – Dos and Don’ts For a Healthy Diet! How to Improve Your Diet Right Now

Pregnancy – Dos and Don’ts For a Healthy Diet! How to Improve Your Diet Right Now

Many women today are health-conscious, but very few follow what could be considered a healthy diet. Fortunately, pregnancy can be an opportunity for change.

With the incentive of giving their children a healthy start in life, many women make considerable changes in their diet while pregnant. If you use the opportunity of your intended pregnancy to really make an effort to eat better, you could help change your habits in the long term and ultimately improve your health.

I encourage you to pay more attention to what you eat day to day and to begin to make these simple changes:Eat more:

Whole grains. These include bread, pasta, crackers, and other baked goods made with whole wheat flour or other whole-grain flour as the first ingredient, as well as brown rice and other grains such as barley, oats, millet, quinoa, and corn. They have more nutrients and promote a healthier metabolism than refined grains

Fruits and vegetables. Try to include these at every meal and snack. Include the iron-rich vegetables listed earlier and vitamin C-rich foods.

Low-fat, nutrient-rich protein sources. You will need to boost your protein intake slightly during pregnancy, and it’s good to get in the habit of choosing lean meats, low-fat or fat-free dairy products, and protein-rich plant foods such as beans, peas, tofu, nuts, and seeds.

Unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats are not only good for your heart health, they are critical for your future baby’s development. Sources of healthy fats are plant oils such as canola and olive oil, nuts, seeds, soy, and fish. Omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish, omega-3-enriched eggs, some plant oils, and walnuts, may be particularly important for fetal development. Choose lower-mercury fish such as chunk light tuna (not white albacore), shrimp, salmon, pollack, or catfish. Chapter 5 has more information on the mercury content of fish.

Cut back on:

Refined grains. Most baked goods, crackers, and other snack foods, as well as mealtime staples such as pasta and white rice, are made from refined grains, which lack the protein, fiber, and vitamins and minerals of whole grains. They can put stress on your metabolism by causing blood sugar levels to swing wildly.

Saturated fats. These fats are found in animal products such as meat and dairy, and they can have a negative effect on your long-term health by raising your cholesterol levels and your risk of heart disease. Choose lean meats and low-fat or fat free dairy products to cut back on these fats.

Trans fats. These are fats found in margarine and many processed foods. They help to promote high cholesterol levels, which can lead to clogged arteries and a higher risk of heart disease. Furthermore, these processed fats are not needed by your baby’s body and should be avoided during pregnancy. Avoid products that have hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, which are trans fats.

Sweetened beverages. Sodas and other sweetened beverages are a primary …

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Simple Calorie Counting for Long-Term Weight Loss

Simple Calorie Counting for Long-Term Weight Loss

With the plethora of calorie counting applications now available for your smart phone, ipad, laptop etc etc, it’s easy to become obsessed with documenting every little morsel that passes your lips.

There’s really no need.

Calorie counting to aid weight loss and maintain your weight can be done quickly and easily using the best tool around – your brain!

Once you begin to know the calorie value of certain foods (for example, two slices of wholegrain bread is around 200 calories), you will be able to plan ahead and know approximately how many calories per meal you can consume.

Calories (or their proper name, kilocalories) are best thought of a potential energy for the body.

It is found in everything we eat, from a carrot to a piece of chocolate cake (unfortunately!)

Depending on how much protein, carbohydrates, sugar, fat, water etc is in a piece of food controls how many calories it will have.

For example, one apple has around 100 calories, while two glasses of wine has around 300 calories, and, a 2.8oz (80g) Snickers chocolate bar has almost 400 calories – almost A� of your total calories for the day!

Basically, the more calories you eat each day the more you need to exercise and move to burn them off. By eating the recommended amount of calories that’s right for your body each day and combining this eating plan with

regular exercise means you’ll maintain a healthy body weight.

It’s really as simple as that.

By eating fewer calories you will lose weight.


However, eating fewer calories doesn’t mean your food has to be boring or tasteless. There are always low-fat alternatives for your favourite meals (yes, this includes pizza and fish and chips!)

Depending on your age, sex, weight, lifestyle etc determines how many calories a day you should be consuming.

This table outlines the right amount of calories depending on a person’s weight:

It depends on your age, sex, weight and if you exercise regularly or not. This table outlines the average number of calories that different groups of people should eat each day:

Weight – Female – Male

50kg / 100 lbs – 1,680 calories – 1,830 calories

60kg / 132 lbs – 1,800 calories – 2,000 calories

70kg / 154 lbs – 1,920 calories – 2,170 calories

80kg / 176 lbs – 2,040 calories – 2,350 calories

90kg / 198 lbs – 2,155 calories – 2,520 calories

100kg / 220 lbs – 2,270 calories – 2,690 calories

By eating well and exercising 4-5 times a week you will be slim, happy and full of energy.

Just imagine for a minute, how different would your life be if you could lose weight? You would sleep better than ever before, be able to keep up with your children and grandchildren, enjoy getting outside into the fresh air more regularly and having the energy to feel well day in, day out. Wouldn’t that be nice?

So what are …

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Discover The Benefits Of Healthy Eating

Discover The Benefits Of Healthy Eating

The quest for searching benefits of healthy eating can not be over emphasized, there are numerous benefits that are derived from eating healthy foods. The following are the most essential factors.

1. There are tendencies for you to live longer life, more energy, better mental health because of a healthier body image, better skin, less incidence of contacting major disease and will make your heart stronger, many more things can come from eating a healthy diet. Eating unhealthy foods can increase your risk for obesity, heart disease, cause digestive issues, diabetes, and can result to untimely death. Basically all foods that are bad for you are bad for your health as well.

2. Eating healthy food over a longish period of time should theoretically help with weight loss, if you ate badly before. It’s still pretty important to exercise caution. Diet can definitely affect your mood. If you have a well balanced diet, then your energy levels will be way more even, so you’ll have energy all the time, you will be more alert, more focused, and just in a generally better mood.

3. Eating healthy and exercising takes a lot of will power that when done correctly will bring great satisfaction. You’ll be living proof that you have the power to make yourself a better person and have the willpower and mental dexterity to complete a task to its fullest.

4. Many people sleep better, wake-up very sound and just function better overall for their daily activities.

You will meet up with all the required nutrition’s, vitamins and minerals needed for good health.

As long as you are eating healthy food, nature will surely reward you in the long run more than those who eat unhealthy diet.…

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Tools to Help in the Early Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer

For the diagnosis of many diseases, symptoms are the first clue that can put you on notice that something is not right. In colorectal cancer, the first symptoms are usually the presence of blood in the stool, the change of belly rhythm or abdominal pain. But many times when these first symptoms occur, the disease is already in advanced stages, since usually in its earliest stages it usually presents few or no symptoms.

The Primary Test

For this reason, preventive diagnostic tests have become crucial. The main one at present is colonoscopy. This is a test in which a device, known as an endoscope, is inserted through the person’s anus. In this way, it is possible to visualize the walls of the entire large intestine and identify possible lesions. It is the best test that exists right now, which allows the oncologist to visualize both the disease in its earliest stages and in those that are more advanced.

Other Test

The other test that exists to aid in the early diagnosis of colorectal cancer is the detection of occult blood in the stool. With this test, medical professionals will usually select those people who have a higher chance of having an injury to the colon and confirm the suspicions through a colonoscopy.

When Should the Early Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer Be Carried Out?

Although it is important to achieve the earliest possible diagnosis of the disease, it is also true that it is not possible or advisable to subject all people to this type of screening program in an indiscriminate way. Both for the discomfort they cause, since colonoscopy is not a simple procedure, nor for the excessive cost that can be involved in performing these tests to everyone. It is best to go to a cancer treatment center Orange County-based, not only when you have discovered that you are in the advanced stages of colon cancer, but once there is a detection of cancer or tumor. 

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4 Problems With Processed Food and 5 Ways to Improve Your Taste Buds on Healthy Food to Lose Weight

4 Problems With Processed Food and 5 Ways to Improve Your Taste Buds on Healthy Food to Lose Weight

Trying to lose weight successfully depends heavily on the type of food you are eating. And when it comes to asking a person to change their diet, the first thought that comes to mind will be boring steam chicken breast, salad and all that organic stuff. Frankly speaking, your food does not have to be so boring and bland. It can actually be delicious and yet, you can lose weight at the same time. The best of both worlds.

What kind of food will come to mind when I ask you to change your food intake to a new food regime?

Most people will think of the following food, which people often termed as boring:

– dry plain chicken breasts

– steam broccoli

– tuna

– whole meal bread

– oatmeal

These foods above are what people commonly associate with what bodybuilders will eat in order to lose weight. And it is also the same reason why so many people will eventually lose their fight in their weight loss attempts. But fret not, there are some things which you can do today which will make your life easier, and healthier with the food you eat. It should allow you to stay lean and keep it that way permanently.

The type of food I am talking about is known as unprocessed foods. Our taste buds have been used to so many types of processed foods and additives such that we have lost the ability to enjoy unprocessed foods.

Problems with processed food:

– There are too much corn syrups and sugar in such food

– A number of food have too much trans fats and refined vegetable oils

– There are too much flavor enhancers like MSG and commercial salt

– And certain “so call” diet drinks contains too much artificial sweeteners

All of the above have left us with a senseless taste buds. So it is time for us to adjust to the natural flavors that these foods possessed.

I have a number of suggestions that can help you in your transition from processed food to unprocessed food.

1 – If you can, try avoiding fried foods.

2 – Use less salt. Instead, try to use more herbs and spices while you are cooking your meals.

3 – If you have a habit of consuming cakes, candies and sweets, maybe you can try eating fruits or dark chocolate instead.

4 – Stop drinking soft drinks, and lay off those diet soda drinks as well. Start drinking water or unsweetened tea with your meals.

5 – Food like fish, chicken breasts, pork tenderloin and grass-fed steaks have great taste and it is real meat. Stop eating the stuff like sausages and hot dogs.…

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How To Avoid Junk Food

How To Avoid Junk Food

Everywhere we go there is junk food, it can be hard to avoid because food has become such a social part of our lives. Parties, work meetings, social events, and even home activities usually include food… and more often than not those foods are not healthy.

So, what can you do to avoid eating the junk food everywhere you go?

The first step to take is to make a conscious effort to always keep healthy food options on hand. If you are filling your stomach with healthy foods, you will be less likely to over eat the junk food that is available.

Next, make a commitment to not eat junk food for a certain amount of time. For example, some people like to make a promise to themselves that they will not eat junk food for 6 days, and then on the last day of the week they will allow themselves a treat if they want it.

Another good way to avoid eating junk food at social events is by bringing healthy options. Many times you can ask the host if they will let you bring a healthy treat, and you will always find that they will take you up on your offer. This will allow you to have something healthy to munch on while you are at the social event… and I’m sure there will be other people at the party that will appreciate the healthy option as well.

The last step to take is to begin telling your friends and family that you are eating healthy. This can help you in several ways: 1) they can give you the moral support that you need in order to say no to food items that you don’t want to be eating, and 2) they can help you to be sure that there are healthy options available when you get together.…

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How to Help Your Children Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

How to Help Your Children Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

It is no secret that whole foods are better for overall health. Starting as young as two years old, food choices can affect us for the rest of our lives. This is why it is so important to teach our children good food habits. Of course, kids can be really picky eaters and with all the influence of commercials it is no wonder that kids would rather eat fattening, processed foods over health nutritious snacks. There are some great ways to get your kids to choose healthier options.

The first step is to make better choices for yourself. You are the main person in their life that needs to set a good example. If your children see you choosing healthy foods over fast food or processed foods they will be more likely to make those same choices. You are also in control of what your kids eat when they are at home. Make sure you use this time to eat healthy family meals, made with fresh fruits and veggies and whole foods.

When your kids are young it is important to give them food choices. A good way to go this is give them two healthy food choices. Ask your child if they would like carrot sticks, or apples. These are two healthy choices, so no matter which one they pick it will benefit their health. If your child is hesitant to try new foods encourage them to try at least three bites. If they know that they only have to try it, they will be more likely to open up to new foods.

If you have an older child, it is not too late to start. There are many studies that show kids from the ages of two to eight are not likely to have many changes to their food preferences, but after age eight children tend to be more open to new things. Even if your child is unwilling know that their tastes might change. If there is at least one or two fruits and veggies that they enjoy make sure they get plenty of them until that time opens up.

Of course there are always ways to trick your kids into eating more whole foods. There are many cookbooks on the market about just this subject. Smoothies are a great way to do this. If you are going to make smoothies for your kids, skip the ice cream and go for just plain ice with yogurt. Or use frozen fruit with a banana to blend up and have a thick and delicious smoothies. There are so many ways to make smoothies, just make sure you start with healthy ingredients.

It really is possible to get your kids to make healthy food choices. By eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole foods you are setting your child on the road to good health. It might take a little bit of work, but to give your child a healthy …

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What You Need in Your Kitchen in Order to Be Healthy

What You Need in Your Kitchen in Order to Be Healthy

I know that healthy living means different stuff to different people and it’s normal. Some say they are healthy because they practice a lot, others are vegetarians, there are even raw eaters (the top of the cherry tree). For me being healthy is a combination of a lot of things – exercises, detox diets, cleansers, organic food and so on. But the most important one and the most time consuming is the food that feeds our bodies. It’s really really the most important thing for me. Because food can kill us, but food can also set us free:)

After months of reading I figured out that eating organic healthy food is not easy. It’s not easy at all. It needs a lot of information, a lot of label reading, a lot of company checkings and absolutely new (for me) kitchen appliances and healthy recipes.

So, if you decided to follow the path of being healthy and virtually never get ill, here is what you will need in your kitchen:)

* kitchen robot with a food processor and a blender

What you need it for? The blender is for making smoothies (delicious home made fresh juice, made out of blending all kinds if fruits with milk or water). And the food processor is for everything else – shredding, chopping, slicing, kneading, whipping, mixing, etc. What can you do with it? All kinds of raw cakes and chocolate, salads, dippings, soups… To be totally honest I use my food processor mainly for making raw cakes, but that’s the only way to eat sweets without feeling guilty about it:)

* next you will need a juicer

Juicing is one of the most important things in all healthy diets. That’s the easiest way to feed yourself with tons of vitamins without having to eat fruits all day long. All it takes is a cup of fresh juice. For example we all heard the lines “one apple per day keeps the doctor away” or “carrots are great for your skin and liver”, “beetroot is super healthy”, “you need 1000mg vitamin C per day and 2.4mg vitamin B12″… and then you are like “But I can’t eat all of that every day!”. And you are right – you can’t eat it. But you can drink it:)

* some ceramic cooking pots:

Why ceramic, you may ask:) The best hidden truth is that most of the rest cooking pans and pots are toxic. The Teflon or tefal cover is the worst when using it at high temperatures. And when you cook the temperature is high, right. If you are interested there is a lot of info in the net on the matter and the best thing you can do is to throw away all of your Teflon covered pots and buy some new ceramic ones.

* one glass or ceramic cutting board:

The wood ones are not good, because all kinds of micro organisms and deceases …

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Heart Healthy Food Choices Do Matter

Heart Healthy Food Choices Do Matter

Have you ever been tempted to do the right thing? Probably not, but if you’ve ever abandoned a heart healthy food choice for a delicious calorie crammed alternative you’ve been tempted. Your choice of a heart healthy food alternative over a rich and delicious dessert exerts a lot of stress. This stress seems to intensify each time you are offered a slice of your favorite dessert. It always feels like a fight when you try to do the right thing. To choose a heart healthy food when tempted by a high fat, salt saturated, and calorie clustered food requires superhuman power. The secret to this power is learning how to say no. Learning how to say no is easy, and will reduce your stress when you use the proper tool.

A personal eating policy is the best tool to use, when you want to do the right thing for your heart. Because your choices do matter, a commitment to your personal eating policy is crucial to your success. Your healthy heart diet policy is more than a battle of wits and guts or mind over menu. It is your survival strategy in the enemy territory of FSS (fats, salts, and sweets). Certain visual triggers can intensify your stress, especially when you feel yourself being seduced by your memory of great tastes. Here is where you need more than your “game-face” for success. Many of us have heard that prior planning prevents poor performance. The good news is that prior planning works very well. To know and stick with your personal eating policy can save you from defeat and regret. Since you live the results and not the resolutions of your plans, making the right choice about heart healthy food is easier when you have a personal eating policy.

Your personalized eating policy is always strengthened when combined with self-control. Self-control means to live within boundaries. Just as a map shows the limits of territories and boundaries, your food map should have clearly defined limits and boundaries. This means that you need to plan more than just what foods you can eat, but also how much of these foods you can eat. We recommend that you optimize your personal eating policy with three distinct boundaries. First, know what you can and cannot eat. The second boundary requires that you know what you can eat in place of what you cannot eat. For instance, if your plan calls for no butter, politely ask for an alternative like olive oil. Finally, know in advance the desired plate size, portion size, and serving size for the foods you choose to eat. Remember that mealtime is neither the time nor the place to compete with the young and dietary reckless at the table. These renegades take pride in erecting great pyramids on their plates and take the “have more” offer to the extreme. Stick with your plan. Take charge of your heart healthy food choices. Your heart has worked …

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Healthy Food Tips: How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Healthy Food Tips: How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Many people want to eat healthy, but believe that it’s just too expensive. More than two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. When you are on a tight budget, the thought of preparing healthy meals each day can seem daunting. Healthy eating could save Americans over $200 billion a year in medical costs. The good news is that eating a balanced diet doesn’t mean that you always need to buy expensive foods. Here are a few simple tips on how to eat healthy on a budget:

Plan Your Meals

Meal planning is a key factor in eating healthy without breaking the wallet. It helps ensure that you always have foods prepared. Make a grocery list and plan your meals ahead of time. Don’t shop when you are hungry. Summer is a great time to buy those foods that you would like to eat year round. Go to the farmers’ market and stock on inexpensive, nutritious foods like cherries, peaches, and green beans.

Use Coupons

Go online and check the local newspaper for discount codes and vouchers that will cut your food costs. Consider discount stores. Buy store brands if cheaper.

Eat Less Meat

Buying high quality meats but eating less of them is a great way to reduce costs. Most people eat more meat than they need to. Grass-fed, organic animal products may cost more, but they will help you stay healthy.

Buy Whole Foods

Whole foods are cheaper and more nutritious than processed foods. Make sure your diet includes olive oil, flax seeds, real butter, whole rice, apples, spinach, cottage cheese, and ground beef. These foods will make you feel full and improve digestion. Research indicates that eating whole foods lowers your risk of heart disease and helps prevent obesity and colon cancer. You can easily include many good sources of fibers into your meals.

Drink More Water

Water is healthier and cheaper than any other drink. Quit the soda and drink more water. If you consume carbonated drinks and alcoholic beverages on a regular basis, look at the percentage of your food bill that they take up.

Go Frozen

Frozen fruits and vegetables are usually fresher and less expensive than anything that can be found in the canned sections of the store, and you can get up to eight times as much for the same price. Apples, pears, and bananas are all good choices. Try freezing your own fruits and veggies in the summer when prices are low.…

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Healthy Eating Plans Can Add Years to Your Life

Healthy Eating Plans Can Add Years to Your Life

We all know what the food pyramid is. However, it can be a little overwhelming to those who are always on the go. There is an easier way to be healthy. But, the first thing you should know is that it is about creating a habit of proper eating habits. What this means is that you will slowly eliminate the bad foods and snacks that you currently eat, and replace them with healthy foods from the right food groups or categories.

Say you start with lunch. Rather than grabbing a burger or sandwich from the corner store, prepare your own lunch and bring it to work with you. Prepare a meal that has a fruit, vegetable, meat, grain, and low-fat dairy product. Yes, it is that easy. Do this for a couple of days, and you will find that eating a healthy lunch is already becoming a habit for you.

After a couple of days move on to dinner then breakfast whichever meal order works best for you. Don’t forget about snacks. Many people are not aware of the fact that it is more beneficial for you to eat every 3 hours rather than two or three large meals a day. There are many options for a good, heart snack; yogurt with walnuts, egg whites with a piece of toast, an apple with peanut butter, and so-on-and-so-forth. Again, make sure your snacks are from the key food categories – fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, or nuts and grains.

You will learn, over time, to cut your portions down to proper portion sizes – typically no more than a cup and often more like A� cup. This seems like a little bit of food, especially at first, but when you are eating the right foods you will find that you are much more satisfied.

Focus on each meal and snack for a few days and within three weeks you will have found that you are eating better at least 80% of the time. This is exactly where you want to be. You do not need to eat like this all the time, rather you can allow yourself to have your favorite treat once a week. Consider this a reward for treating your body the way it deserves to be treated.

As you can see, healthy dieting will take you some time, but it will be worth it. The time you spend preparing your meals and focusing on eating better will be given back to you. Eating a diet full of health and nutrition will not only make you feel and look better, but it will help you to live longer and avoid some serious life-threatening diseases that affect thousands every day.…

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Wholesome Food Cooking Made Simple

Wholesome Food Cooking Made Simple

In the event you turn on your television you will most likely be assaulted by the latest weight loss craze. You will discover applications which will send you their foodstuff for a fee, and programs that sell their foods at the supermarket. These meals are overpriced but give you a level of security knowing that you might be only consuming healthy foods.

What these companies do not want you to know is that nutritious food items cooking is straightforward cooking! They want you to believe that it is so difficult to create a healthy meal that you just should spend hundreds of dollars a week on their program. But usually do not be fooled. Anyone can participate in healthy meals cooking. It’s as easy as producing the appropriate options inside the grocery store and implementing the correct cooking procedures in your property.

Nutritious food items cooking is only feasible when you chose the correct meals. As an alternative to processed and boxed meals, make an effort to buy contemporary foods. Refreshing vegetables and fruits can make a big distinction in how you really feel when eating and cooking wholesome. Many people do not even know that fruits might be cooked, but they can! For a quick, effortless, and yummy meal, slice some fresh strawberries, add a little bit of brown sugar, and warm inside a frying pan on medium high heat.

Peaches are also delicious cooked this way. In addition to refreshing vegetables and fruits, make an effort to get contemporary meats and fish. You’ll find some things that you just can make your self to ensure their freshness. Pasta is one of these items. Rather than buying pasta in a box at the retailer (which is filled with preservatives and additives), make your own pasta at household! Nutritious meals cooking begins with having the best and healthiest materials to cook with.

Healthy and balanced foods cooking is made probable by means of cooking with wholesome techniques. The first step in nutritious foods cooking is to entirely eliminate frying. Fried foods isn’t wholesome in any way, shape or form. It is just not good for your entire body, and many individuals even feel sick to their stomach after eating fried foodstuff. This isn’t some thing that should be entering your body. Grill alternatively! Grilling gives the foodstuff such a natural, robust flavor. Since the fats drip off the foods, it’s one of the healthiest cooking choices around.

Nutritious food cooking comes down to purchasing healthful ingredients and cooking them in a healthy and balanced fashion. If you are able to succeed doing both of these, you may succeed at healthful meals cooking!…

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How To Eat Healthy in an Unhealthy World

How To Eat Healthy in an Unhealthy World

It can be hard to follow a healthy eating plan, especially because there are tasty temptations around every corner! Food is such an integral part of our society, which means that there are unhealthy food choices everywhere we go. This article is going to look at a few ways you can follow a healthy eating plan even when it is hard.

The first (and most important step) is to change your mindset about food. The problem that many people run in to when they follow a healthy eating plan is this: they feel like they are being deprived of all of the “fun” and “tasty” foods that everyone else is eating.

But, you can change your thinking. Instead of focusing on the fact that you are missing out on foods, try focusing on the health that you are achieving and the way that you feel when you eat good foods. Eating healthy will provide your body with the energy it needs to be strong, and you will feel great!

Also, be prepared by always having healthy food available. Sometimes I will eat something before going to a party, or I will bring a healthy snack along when I leave the house. Filling my stomach with healthy food first will prevent you from over-eating when there are unhealthy foods available.

Another great trick to healthy eating is to plan your food choices ahead of time. If you are eating out at a restaurant, take a moment to get online and find the menu before you leave. This way, you can make an easy decision when you order your food because you already know the healthy dishes that are available. And remember that it is OK to ask for substitutions if needed.

The last thing that you need to remember is the fact that no one is perfect. Focus your eating on healthy foods most of the time, but don’t feel guilty if you slip up and eat something that is unhealthy. Instead, focus on the fact that you are treating your body well most of the time and then get right back on track with your eating plan again.…

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Cooking With Children in Mind

Cooking With Children in Mind

If you are considering cooking with children, you need to be prepared and make sure you have the proper ingredients on hand before beginning. You will certainly need your patience and you would not want to leave in the middle of things to run to the local grocery store to pick up the missing ingredients.

Another very important rule when it comes to cooking with children is to clean as you go whenever possible. While there is part of you that will want to put off this task, cleaning the mess that is made rather than waiting until the end prevents successive mess to compound each other. Constantly clean throughout the process for the best possible results is my advice. Enlist your children in the cleaning process as well. While it may be easier to do yourself, it is far more important to teach them the basics of cleaning, as a part of the process, as you go. Remember one day they will more than likely invade your kitchen while you’re not looking and good habits will pay in the long-term.

Cooking for toddlers and growing children presents some unique challenges along the way. While you want to provide them with those ever so important nutrients, it is often difficult to get them to eat those foods that are best for their growing bodies, however you make them attractive. Most of us are all probably well aware of the food pyramid and the number of servings our children need of healthy grains, proteins, fruits, vegetables, and calcium products. Getting them to eat these nourishing products is, however, another matter all together unfortunately.

Cooking healthier meals for kids is now easier than ever before. Fresh fruits and vegetables are best whenever possible and packaging is just as important as a persuasive factor. However, if you cannot manage fresh, you should avoid canned (fruits especially as they are often swimming in sugary sweetness) whenever possible. Frozen is far preferable to canned when it comes to both fruit and vegetables, as there are often fewer additives.

Perhaps the greatest gift you can give yourself (much greater than the help in the kitchen) by ‘forcing’ your little ones to help prepare dinner is that they will learn to better appreciate your culinary efforts and eat peacefully rather than sullenly. They also take some ownership of what they produce. This tactic has met with great success in my house and I’m sure you will enjoy the same.…

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What Vegans Should Know Part 1 – MSG

What Vegans Should Know Part 1 – MSG

This is the first in a series of planned articles concerning what vegans and vegetarians should know.

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) has gotten much publicity for several years. One would think that a reasonably intelligent adult would be very familiar with MSG today. Unfortunately, many misconceptions persist. My guess is that if you ask ten people at random why MSG is used in food, eight of the ten would say “it’s a preservative”. Well, the correct answer is “no”, it is not a preservative.

Before continuing, this article presents facts that are available to anyone willing to do some research on the internet. It also presents some of the authors opinions which you can take or leave. The author is not intent on convincing you that MSG or the food industry is good or bad. The goal of this article is to induce you to think about what is in your food, to do some investigation and to decide for yourself. Even vegans and vegetarians who, in general, are more conscience of what they eat, are frequently unaware of MSG in their food (check the label on that can of organic beans).

So, what is wrong with MSG? It can cause migraine headaches, upset stomach, fuzzy thinking, diarrhea, heart irregularities, asthma, mood swings and has been linked to obesity. Don’t believe it? Go to the website (U S Library of Medicine) and type MSG in the search box. You will get 620 articles on MSG toxicity.

If we assume at this point that MSG is something you do not want to be eating, the question arises, if it is bad, why does the food industry put it food? As mentioned earlier it is not a preservative. MSG is a flavor enhancer. It has the ability to make even tainted food taste good to us. Additionally, it has an addictive effect on the human body. Quite simply, it makes us want to eat more. Is it any wonder the food industry puts it in virtually everything?

So, how do you know if MSG is in your food? First, if you eat fast food, it is in the hamburgers, hot dogs, tacos, chicken and practically everything else served at every major fast food restaurant in America. Nearly everything you eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken is loaded with MSG. So about the only way to avoid it at fast food outlets is not to eat fast food or stick with salad. No wait…there is MSG in the salad dressing.

However, at your grocery store, you can do something about it. Simply read the ingredient label on everything you buy. But, be aware that the food industry does not make it easy for you. MSG is disguised under about forty different names. You will seldom see the words monosodium glutamate. Instead look for:

Anything with the word “hydrolyzed” (like hydrolyzed flour)Anything with the word “…protein” (like textured protein)Anything with the word “glutamate” or “glutamic” (like Glutamic acid) …

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Kitchen Essentials for Parties, Picnics and Family Fun

Whether it’s a neighborhood get-together, a kid’s birthday party, a picnic, or another event involving food, hosting it can be a great deal of fun. It can also be a headache to plan and prepare, especially when it comes to gathering supplies.

One way to make this easier – and maybe even throw a few other fun events – is to purchase items that you can reuse each time. While each type of event will require some different items, there are a few to keep in your cabinets, such as those listed below.

Serving Dishes and Utensils

If you’re serving food, you need something to serve it in and with. Investing in a durable set of serving dishes and some easy-to-clean serving utensils will serve you well. Choosing clear, white, or black are good ideas as they can match nearly all themes.

Pitchers and Cups

Whether you’re serving water, sweet tea, or mixed drinks, you need a way to dispense them and something to drink from. Clear pitchers make great dispensers, especially as your guests can easily see what’s inside. Glass cups and tumblers are great for grown-up parties indoors, but if you’re hosting kids or doing outdoor events, you can choose plastic that mimics the appearance of glass ones.

Plates and Flatware

You can always purchase paper plates and plastic spoons. And at times, such as a birthday party with 20 five-year-olds running around, that might be the best option. However, there are a few reasons to consider a good set of dinner plates and flatware.

One reason is that they work well for both casual and formal parties. They are also better if you’re serving heavy food. You should also consider the cost. Yes, paper and plastic are cheaper options upfront, but if you’re throwing several events each year, those low costs add up.

Investing time and money in these few items can make a big difference in your future events. They won’t cover every need, but you’re sure to get your money’s worth from each.

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Healthy Eating on a Budget

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Who says you can’t eat healthy foods on a budget? This has been the chief complaint of many people who wants to eat healthy but couldn’t. Is eating healthy really that expensive? Well, some foods are truly expensive, like fresh yogurt and some fruits like kiwis and strawberries. Look on the bright side, there are other foods that are healthy but are easily accessible and cheap.

The problem with healthy eating is that you have to prepare it yourself. Why? Restaurants and fast food chains do not serve healthy foods or healthy alternatives. One reason for this is that it is easier to deep fry chicken, rather than mixing up sauces and chopping vegetables for your healthy garden salad. Grease and oil also help in making the food easier to prepare, and they greatly enhance the flavor of the food. These are the main reasons why fast food chains only serve greasy food.

How to eat healthy on a budget? It is easy. First, you have to know what healthy foods are. Then, you must incorporate these foods into your daily diet. Come to think of it, healthy foods are in plain sight and are readily available, not to mention accessible. The following foods can be found in your local fresh market: fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, lean meats, and other natural foods, as these can be very cheap.

Making these healthy and delicious at the same time it is all about how you prepare the ingredients. Avoid deep frying and using a lot of unhealthy oils, and avoid using sauces that are high in sugar and salt. It is how you cook the food that makes it healthy. Also, eating a lot of fresh fruits and veggies that are readily available in the market is one of the ways to eat healthy.

The secret in buying fresh fruits and vegetables that are cheap is to make sure that the fruit or vegetable you are about to buy is natural and in season. If the fruit or vegetable is in season, you can make sure that it is natural with no fertilizers added, since the fruits or vegetables are in the prime of their growth. When these foods are in season chances are the market will be filled with them. With the law of supply and demand the prices are going to drop like a rock. It is just a matter of choosing the one that is in season, and you are in for healthy, delicious and cheap meals.

The following are some foods that are healthy, cheap and delicious.

Brown rice – if you eat white rice, then brown rice is a healthier alternative. It may be a bit more expensive compared to white varieties, but brown rice contains more fiber, which will keep you full longer.

Whole wheat pasta – this is a very good alternative to pasta, and it contains added fiber.

Whole wheat bread – white bread has about as few nutrients …

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Healthy Food For the Heart – Making the Right Choices

Healthy Food For the Heart – Making the Right Choices

Heart disease is one of the main causes of death among adults worldwide. All of us know there is good healthy food for the heart. Healthy eating is all about enjoying a variety of foods from the different food groups. Unfortunately, when it comes to our health and nutrition, our society seems predisposed towards making us choose the unhealthy options. Why should you consume healthy foods for your heart? Learning to eat healthy foods is not a science reserved for the elite. For a healthy and sound body, all you need to do is substitute harmful food with healthy food alternatives.

A recent study discovered that nearly one third of the people today studied have got undetectable amounts of omega 3 fatty acids within their blood stream, putting these people at more significant possibility for heart problems, stroke, being diabetic, and cognitive complications. Omega 3 also reduces the risk of heart attack. While being a very popular and heart-healthy food rich in omega 3 fatty acids, salmon is also a very tasty food. Consistently seafood is described as “brain food” and of late experts have included “rich in Omega 3” and “heart healthy” on labeling. To prepare a heart-healthy food, try baked salmon steak with vegetables and a salad dressed with lemon juice (instead of a vinaigrette sauce which is too rich in calories)

Brazil nuts contain mono-saturated fats that make it a healthy food for the heart. Parsley contains several important flavonoids, and this makes it a healthy food for the heart. Enjoying some dark chocolate bars is similar to obtaining the identical antioxidant content provided by a couple of glasses of burgandy or merlot wine or three servings of Asian tea extract. If you miss milk shakes, try a low-fat fruit smoothie, instead. Soluble fiber also helps keep your digestive system healthy. Apples, nuts and oats are an excellent source of soluble fiber. Eat an apple with a handful of walnuts or almonds as a healthy treat or add slices of apples to salads. In addition Nuts lower the LDL (bad) cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. Research shows that if you lower your blood cholesterol levels, you lower your risk of coronary disease and stroke. Whole grains are another source of soluble fiber and provide vitamins to help maintain a healthy heart. The soluble fiber binds with cholesterol, which is then shunted out of the body, and their level falls. These good fats will also keep your cholesterol levels low.

In spite of what the thousands of seemingly “healthy” products claim, the truth is there are no shortcuts to becoming fit and healthy. It is a conscious effort and choice. Our purpose is to help make the healthier alternative easier to choose. Most people can lower their cholesterol by choosing an active lifestyle, achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight, and eating better. Eating healthy for your heart is something everybody should attempt to do, particularly …

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Frequently Asked Questions About Broad Spectrum CBN Products

Clinicians must use the research and medical data available to choose the most appropriate cannabinoid therapies for their patients. This will ensure that they select treatments that deliver consistent results with maximal patient benefit and minimal side effects.

Below are some frequently asked questions about CBN products.

Why Do You Recommend Using Full-Spectrum CBN Instead of a Specific Form?

Broad spectrum CBN therapy is the preferred treatment in cases where a more targeted approach may be ineffective or contraindicated, such as in children and patients with complex comorbidities. There are also cases where a more nuanced degree of CBN dosing may not be clinically appropriate. For example, some patients experience severe nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy, and their appetite may not be optimal. In these cases, the ability to use high-dose CBN oil without inducing nausea is preferable.

What Are Some of the Reasons Patients Prefer Full Spectrum CBN?

Several factors contribute to this phenomenon, including that full-spectrum extracts are typically dispensed at a lower volume making the cost per milligram of CBD less expensive. Another is that full-spectrum extracts can provide a wider range of therapeutic benefits that may be beneficial for specific patient conditions.

What Are Some Common Misconceptions About Full-Spectrum CBN?

Some clinicians have expressed concern about purified forms of CBN being non-FDA approved or containing hidden active ingredients. In reality, though, the only difference between a purified form of CBN and a full-spectrum extract is concentration. It is important to note that all forms of CBN, whether they are isolated or full-spectrum extracts, have undergone extensive safety testing for purity and potency.

Why Is the Use of Full-Spectrum CBN More Preferable When Treating Children?

Children are often given liquid extracts, making it easy for patients to dose themselves quickly. Since children’s doses can vary between each administration, being able to dose without any added ingredients is critical in ensuring that they get their proper medication. CBN can treat many conditions. However, it is important to note that there are also some conditions for which CBN may exacerbate symptoms.…

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Healthy Food Options for Men

Healthy Food Options for Men

We are what we eat. The reason for this fact is simple. We eat in order to nourish and nurture our bodies and the same food is broken down to release energy that keeps us active throughout the day. The food requirement of both the genders is unique, according to their body structures and its needs. Men need food which helps them in building stronger muscles and a solid body. According to studies, there are certain types of foods that can help men in building their bodies and sustaining their wellness charts, while reducing the chances of obesity. One such food for men that is proven to provide antioxidant properties is the berries. Nutritionists say that men should serve themselves with these fruity delights which include blueberries, cherries, and other from the same group to sharpen the performance of their brain and memory.

The berries are known since the ancient times to contain health sustaining powers. This power has been identified in the light of the modern studies as forty thousand different compounds, which are found in these fruits. This is the reason most of the men are advised to eat these bursting with health berries up to five times in a day. Another important food group is that of the whole grains. Those men who rely on the whole grain diet plan get a better intake of the essential minerals, fiber and the vitamins which help in building leaner muscles and improvises stamina and the immune system. Some of the options of the food rich in whole grains include; whole grain pasta, oatmeal, barley and quinoa etc. The food rich in whole grains help in reducing the bad cholesterol and curb the problems related to digestion.

One of the most vital mineral required by the male body is Zinc. It is one of the most crucial mineral that helps in the formulation of the DNA, numerous body processes and maintenance of the body cells. A healthy dose of the zinc can be obtained from consuming up to eleven milligrams of legumes, lean beef, and shellfish etc. The performance of the male reproductive system and its various issues ranging from lower sperm count to lower motility can be tackled consuming the right proportion of the food groups containing this essential mineral. To reduce the risks of strokes, blood pressure and other several diseases it is advised to eat one banana in the morning at breakfast, which will help not only in providing quick energy and assist protein metabolism but also, regulate the nerves as well. Most of the men forget to drink water throughout their everyday responsibilities, a habit, which should be changed to drink up to three liters of water every day to flush out the harmful components from the body.…

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Truth About Fast Food Restaurants

Truth About Fast Food Restaurants

A lot of us have shows about fast food and how they are abundant in low income restaurants, and how they contribute to obesity in many people that live there. The truth about fast food is that it is not at all healthy for these people.

Poor people tend to have less to choose from when it comes to eating out. Therefore, it’s hard to entirely fault them. It may sound ironic when you think about the fact that some of the cheapest foods are the ones with the most calories. Doesn’t this go against the logic of what one would expect? Why is it so easy to fill ourselves up for such a low cost? Regardless of the situation, this is how the world works these days when it comes to nutrition. Many times, those without the financial means to buy whatever they want as a means of survival will choose to chase the lowest price and a nearby location purely out of the necessity since they have no other options. As a result, that cheeseburger they bought for a buck seems like a great buy, but it is loaded with calories and it is not at all healthy.

Not only has there been a documentary on the issue, but government has taken interest in fixing this problem as well. The New York City Council has recently passed rules that require fast food restaurants to label their food with nutrition data that shows people what they are really eating.

Sadly, even with the new labeling regulations, a survey showed that New York’s poor haven’t really changed their eating patterns, and continue to make unhealthy choices with their food.

Stores like KF and McDonald’s argue that the survey is incorrect and their customers really are making healthier choices in their eating habits. Why the inconsistency? What can explain the discrepancy between their figures and the surveys?

One possibility for the inconsistency in the numbers is that the unhealthy chains include the figures from the healthy ones. This means that places like Subway, which offer healthy food are being combined with the data from places that don’t serve healthy food. This makes the scores inconsistent and influences the results.

What New York City does is take data from the wealthier neighborhoods and combine that with the results from the poor parts of the city. This make the numbers look better, but nothing is really changing with regards to safety.

In the end, the city is being pointless in labeling their fast food stores because nobody is really changing their habits.…

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Healthy Kid Snacks for Busy Parents

Healthy Kid Snacks for Busy Parents

After a long day of school, nothing is more refreshing than coming home to a snack on the table. A child’s life rotates around the food they eat. Even the snacks consumed by a child can and should be healthy. Storing vitamins that they get from their food is part of any child’s day. Healthy foods are universally necessary, even though children’s tastes change from day to day. Adapting to healthy eating is a challenge for some and a breeze for others. Though snacking may be considered an inconsequential part of a diet, it is actually very important. With these few simple tips, snacking can be made healthy and fun for everyone involved.

While giving a child a steady source of energy, healthy kid snacks also provide them with crucial vitamins and minerals. Peanut butter can be replaced in healthy kid snacks for nut butters such as almond butter that instantly boost the rate at which a child is getting healthy omega fatty acids. Few kids will notice the difference, as nut butters taste almost exactly like normal peanut butter does. Many healthy kid snacks utilize these butters in bars, shakes, and dips. With the addition of nut butters to the simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich, this classic lunch item becomes much more healthy. The connective tissues of our brain use omega fatty acids, as well as the nerves in our eyes. A great idea for healthy kid snacks is apple slices with these delicious nut butters for an astounding combination.

Making healthy kid snacks is a relatively simple task. Many healthy kid snacks use a tiny amount of time in preparation, as they use mostly raw ingredients. Reheating and cutting are two of the very limited cooking requirements for these types of snacks. A large number of healthy kid snacks are made from fresh sliced fruit and vegetables. Great diets start from the bottom with vegetables and fruits as the base. Frozen fruit chopped and placed in Ziploc bags are a great summer takeaway item, and with a dollop of sprinkles, can be enjoyed as dessert. Overdoses of sugar come in the form of popsicles, but blending your own smoothies and freezing them in cups with Popsicle sticks for handles is another great option.

Trail mix made from items at home is also very popular as well as cheap. Dried fruit, nuts, and pretzel pieces can be tossed together and kept in a large freezer bag in bulk for later use. With just a few delicious chocolate chips, the trail mix becomes a fan favorite with the kids as well. The appeal of trail mix is universal as well as healthy. Many different healthy kid snacks employ the use of whole wheat versus bleached white wheat. The ratio of vitamins and minerals in whole wheat as compared to bleached white wheat is phenomenally different. Lightly salted sweet potato chips are a great substitute for the usual salty and unhealthy variety. The sweet …

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Developing Healthy Food Habits

Developing Healthy Food Habits

Most people love to eat, and there are some foods that even though we know are unhealthy, we continue eating. Bad eating habits are often linked to a person becoming overweight. Being overweight also leads to different kinds of health related diseases and illness such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke. This is why people should start to pay more attention to the foods they eat and develop healthy food habits.

Before you eat something, ask yourself these couple of questions: “Is this even healthy? Will it be beneficial for my body?” If you answer no to these questions, very often it is likely that your food diet isn’t great and could be greatly improved. In order for a person to attain his or her optimum level of functioning, he or she should practice healthy food habits.

Always take into consideration the importance of having complete meals everyday and that means having breakfast, lunch and dinner. On your plate of food, try to include a range of different foods. Don’t just have all meat, or all vegetables or just carbohydrates. Include a small serving of each.

There are times when you have the feeling of nibbling or chewing on some foods. Usually, the first thing that would get to your head is getting a candy bar or a bag of potato chips. Instead of grabbing those obviously unhealthy food choices, go get some carrot sticks or fresh fruits. This way you get to satisfy your urge and still stick with good food habits at the same time.

Taking in eight to ten glasses of water will also help you to feel full in between meals. Fresh fruit juices with no artificial sweeteners can also be a part of your day to day beverage and try to avoid consumption of sodas as they are just high sugar and calorie stuffed drinks. Having healthy food habits will not only help you have a body that is functioning well but it will also make your body look better and you will feel better too.…

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Vegetarian Soups That Are A Must Try

Vegetarian Soups That Are A Must Try

Winter is the perfect time to enjoy soups. Soups not only warm up your body, they also carry high nutritional value. Generally, people tend to go for ready-made soups because of their easy accessibility and because they are easy to make. But, these soups don’t carry great amount of proteins and minerals vital for your immune system. Following are a few fantastic vegetarian soups that have both- nutrition and taste.

The roast butternut squash is the most worthy to top the list. It has an easy recipe. 1st, cut squash into large pieces. You do not need to peel it. Now take a roasting tray and add olive with some ginger and chilly. To this tray now add the squash pieces and toss it for some time. Sprinkle some salt and pepper and let it cook till the squash is soft. When the cooking is finished use water or vegetable stock to blend this mixture. Your soup is all set to serve.

This soup is easy to make and tastes great. And, what’s more? It really is absolutely low on calories too. So, for individuals who are watching weight, this one is a brilliant choice. Plus, you can use Caralluma Burn Appetite Suppressant, which is one of the greatest weight loss supplements available in the market.

For all you heavy eaters, the hearty lentil soup is the one to pick. It has chunky veggies and green lentils for your high dose of nutrition. It has a number of herbs and garlic which give it a unique taste. This soup will leave you little space for dinner.

In case you are not a risk taker then carrot and coriander soup is a safe bet. It is easy to prepare, is delicious and is a complete treat. There’s something more to it, it’s good for your skin too. Carrots cope perfectly with problems such as acne. With this brilliant soup you can also try Zenmed Derma Cleanse System as a complete treatment.

The potato and Parmesan soup is another good pick in vegetarian soups. This one is a brilliant bet for individuals who like creamy soups. Potatoes are cooked in a cheesy soup with Parmesan as the garnishing. You can have this one when throwing a party and your guests will love you for it.

However, avoid this one if struggling from zits. Milk and dairy products are widely known to trigger zits in some people. Aged cheese such as Parmesan is widely known to be a strong acne trigger. Apart from avoiding dairy products, you can also use the Exposed Skin care System to cure the problem fully.

Try these warm and mouthwatering soups to make your winters cozy.…

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Healthy Food: Class With Rebecca Wood

Healthy Food: Class With Rebecca Wood

Healthy Food: Class with Rebecca Wood

written by: Clea Westphal

April 25, 2011

Easter Dinner With Rebecca Wood

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday I had the good fortune of taking a cooking/health class with Rebecca Wood. Paula Breymier graciously hosted a small group of us at her house in Boulder Colorado. Upon meeting Rebecca, the first thing you immediately notice is her enthusiasm for teaching. Her warm spirit and love for what she does is written all over her face. She set out to organize our small group in this informal setting, while simultaneously preparing a delightful meal of lamb, beans, red rice, salad, bass, pickled cabbage, and slightly blanched vegetables.

Quick as lightning she was ready to begin the class, and launched in to explain some time-saving tips for cooking, and some ways to prepare these foods so you could receive the most nutritional value from them. After, putting on the rice, she explained how just rubbing the rice a little between your hands when you wash it can even make it easier to digest. She spoke about the different cooking oils, which ones can be used in cooking at higher temps, retaining their nutritional properties. One of the things she suggested for diet support, that you could serve along with your meal, was a pickled cabbage. It was very tasty, easy to make, and saves in the fridge for weeks. All of her recipes are located on her website.

The next hour was spent teaching us how to read faces. Through examples of photographs, she was able to illustrate the different areas, textures and colors, around the face that correlate with different organs of the body. How you could learn to adjust your diet to fully support your digestive system, and then start seeing the results on your own face. She explained in detail how the foods we eat are sensitive to certain internal organs.

There are also emotional components’ connected to these organs, and depending on the severity of ones sensitivity to these foods, eating them can produce emotional distress such as depression, lethargy, sadness, anxiety and paranoia. How finding a balance in your diet, can really give you relief in working with a failing digestive system. Helping your internal organs to function properly can lead to more energy, happiness and overall sense of wellbeing. In a very short time, Rebecca was able to give us so much information, and cook a fabulous meal that everyone fully enjoyed. I only wish I could have stayed longer to learn more!

I asked lots of questions, but the one that stands out was: “How do you get someone to stop eating foods you know are killing them, especially when you know they are really attached to those foods?” Rebecca answered, “Through compassion. Being addicted to foods is really like any other addiction, it provides comfort to the person, and you need to be gentle and patient when talking to them about it.”…

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Why Can’t I Get Fries With That? What Exactly Is In A Healthy Meal?

Why Can’t I Get Fries With That? What Exactly Is In A Healthy Meal?

The government periodically changes the basic food groups in the food pyramid. None of the food groups are eliminated but their importance within the pyramid changes. There are many food choices within the food pyramid and none of the foods are ‘bad’ but some you may prefer over others. If you use the food pyramid as a guide you will find it much easier to buy better and healthier foods.

The food pyramid suggests that we ought to consume the following everyday:

3 or more servings of vegetables

2 – 4 servings of fruits

4 – 8 servings of grains and vegetables

2 – 3 servings of milk/dairy, fish,or poultry

1 – 3 servings of fats

2 or less servings of sweets and treats.

Naturally, the serving size for a growing boy of sixteen will be different from a one year old baby and a senior citizen. Always keep in mind that a serving size needs to be adjusted for the age and activity level of the person eating the meal.

To be the healthiest, most of your meals throughout the day must include items from each food group. For example a healthy lunch might consist of:

A chicken (1 meat) sandwich on whole-wheat bread (2 grains)

Add tomato and lettuce (2 vegetables).

For your beverage have an, 8 ounce glass of milk (1 dairy),

Add few fresh carrots,( 1 veggie), bringing you up to 3 vegetables for this meal alone).

If you are still hungry and want some thing sweet, try an apple (1 fruit)

A serving of yogurt (1 dairy) or perhaps

A 100 calorie pack of pudding. (Technically, this could count as dairy too, but let’s be realistic, it’s a treat.)

Wholesome meals include a protein, a starch, and maybe several vegetable and fruits. (Remember to be aware of the portion sizes because this is what determines how much food you eat and how many calories you are consuming.) Zucchini is a very healthy vegetable until it is deep fried. The deep-frying takes a healthy fresh food and turns it into a fat filled unhealthy gut-buster.

You may be wondering how to handle fats. You need fat in your diet you just need the right kinds of fat. For example, olive oil is a healthy and wholesome fat that contains Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids have been confirmed to help heart function. A word of caution here, healthy and wholesome does not mean that olive oil does not have calories. There are calories in olive oil- a lot of them. Also don’t be fooled by the label that says Light olive oil. The ‘light’ is in reference to the flavor and color not to the calories.

You can finish a healthy meal with a delicious dessert. Many people believe that eating healthy means eating foods that do not taste good. This is NOT TRUE! Just because you are eating healthy …

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Tips On Healthy Emotional Eating

Tips On Healthy Emotional Eating

When we think about emotional eating, we usually associate it with deliberately eating foods which we hope will comfort and soothe our upset emotions. This is often a common occurrence when we are upset or distressed in any-way, and of course it can be incredibly damaging both physically and mentally.

There are however alternative, healthier options to eat when we are feeling emotional, that can actually help us to lose weight.

Firstly we need to consider when induces us to feel the need to eat when our emotions are in turmoil. Is it purely the need to be comforted? Perhaps there is a possibility that we can gain comfort by eating healthy, nutritious food just as effectively as we can by indulging in high calorie, fattening foods.

Perhaps we could opt for a bowl of hearty vegetable soup, remember how soothing and comforting that can be if we are feeling cold or under the weather? How cooling and refreshing can juicy chilled fresh fruit taste on a hot sunny day?

We need to establish exactly what healthy food will satisfy and comfort our emotions at certain times. What are we craving at that moment determines what we choose to eat. Do we want something hot, cold, crispy, spicy, savoury, sweet or hearty? What effects are we hoping to achieve after we have eaten? Do we want to feel comforted, satisfied, warmed up or cooled down? We should select healthy, nutritious foods which will fulfill our cravings and help us to overcome these emotional issues.

While we are eating, we should mentally engage with the food we are eating, paying attention to the way we are feeling as we eat. We should also pay particular attention to the flavour sensations and savour each bite, while relishing the food entering our stomach and relieving hunger pangs.

It is amazing how we will find a healthy, nutritious meal or snack can be equally as comforting and satisfying as a more fattening alternative.

Two important things to consider:

#1 – When we implement these tactics, we may be tempted to continue to eat, exceeding the point of physical satisfaction and comfort. This may be due to the pleasure of our emotional satisfaction. This is the reason that we have to stay focused on the way we feel as we eat. We should eat slowly, enjoying and savouring every morsel, but when our stomach lets us know when it has had enough, then stop. We will be less likely to overeat if we learn to read, be aware and tuned into our own body.

#2 – Before trying this method, ideally we should aim to try to resolve our emotional turmoil where possible. If we are angry, sad, stressed, anxious or nervous, we should avoid the use of food as a salve to make us feel better. Instead we should take steps to try to work through these feelings before eating, and then savouring the food when we are feeling …

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Unexpected Fat Burning Foods – Egg Yolks Can Help You Burn Fat

Unexpected Fat Burning Foods – Egg Yolks Can Help You Burn Fat

In all our years as professional coaches in the health and wellness field, we’ve observed that almost everybody is shocked to learn some of our suggestions for fat burning foods that are excellent for weight loss and for overall wellness. One of those shockers is always eggs — yep, that’s right! Beautiful, yellow egg yolks complete with all of their fat and cholesterol will help you burn fat.

Let’s face it, we’ve been told all our lives that egg yolks are bad for you. But the truth is, you’ve been terribly mislead and frankly, lied to about the cholesterol in egg yolks. The cholesterol found in egg yokes in reality increases your GOOD cholesterol and helps balance the proper ratios of good vs. bad. Therefore, do not be fearful of the fat and cholesterol in these little nutritious, power packed treasures. Additionally, if you choose those “cage-free” eggs from chickens that were raised in a free-roaming environment, then the omega-3 content will be higher and with a more properly balanced fat profile.

Plus, egg yolks are considered one of the most nutrient dense foods known to man in terms of vitamins, minerals, and other trace nutrients. To list all of the life-sustaining nutrients in egg yolks would easily consume an entire page, so I promise not to even attempt that in this article. Just remember that egg yolks should NOT take a back seat to egg whites. Why, even the protein found in an egg is more bioavailable when the yolk is included!

And none of this addresses the issue of taste. Let’s face it — you can’t improve God’s perfect food by throwing half of it away. God didn’t make a mistake! So don’t be reluctant to eat those delicious and healthy eggs so you can start burning that fat around your middle even quicker.

Enjoy and start burning more body fat with this incredibly misunderstood food!…

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3 Types of Coffee Drinks

Coffee is an important beverage that is consumed around the world, with only water and coffee beans needed to make this drink in its simplest form. Most people drink coffee in the morning to help them wake up and start the day, but coffee can be enjoyed any time of the day. Here are three popular types of coffee drinks.

1. Cappuccino

A cappuccino is prepared by combining an espresso shot with hot milk and then topping the mixture with foamed milk. The cappuccino is a relatively strong drink with a ratio of one part espresso to two parts foam and steamed milk in a standard variety of cappuccino. One variation of the standard cappuccino is the dry cappuccino, an even stronger drink that leaves out the hot milk for a simple beverage of micro-lot coffee Michigan and foam.

2. Latte

A latte is similar in ingredients to a standard cappuccino, but with a ratio of one part espresso to three parts milk. The result is a weaker, more milky coffee drink. Lattes may contain a layer of foam on the top that is thinner than the layer of foam on a cappuccino. It is common to get different flavored syrups in lattes, such as vanilla, mocha, and hazelnut. If you desire a stronger drink, you can order a latte with one or two extra shots of espresso.

3. Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee is made by taking coffee grounds and steeping them in cold water for 12-24 hours. One benefit of cold brew coffee is that it is less acidic than standard drip coffee. The reduced acidity may lead more people to forgo unhealthy sweeteners in their cup of cold brew. Cold brew contains more caffeine than drip coffee, so pour accordingly.

The next time you need some caffeine, consider one of these coffee drinks.…

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