Smoked Fish: What Exactly Are the Benefits?

Smoked Fish: What Exactly Are the Benefits?

Fish in general has always been regarded as a very healthy type of meat that wouldn’t hurt anyone’s diet. But what about the smoked variety… what are the health implications? Some may believe that smoking the fish would reduce the nutritional value of the fish, but in actuality this is not the case.

Fish that are generally smoked tend to be those with a higher concentration of oil in them. These fish tend to be the ones that contain high levels of Omega 3 Fatty Acids which are one of the most beneficial elements contained in fish. These Omega 3 Fatty Acids form the foundations of many of the hormones stored in your body and have been associated with improved mental health, reduced risk of certain cancers and lower rates of heart diseases. Smoked fish is also extremely high in protein whilst at the same time being low in unsaturated fat maximising the benefit you get from eating it.

However there are also certain negative aspects that smoked fish can also bring with it. The first is that the smoking process involves salt and if your diet is already heavy in salt then this can cause problems. Too much salt can cause problems for those with high blood pressure, low bone density and osteoporosis.

However like with any food, eating is bad if not had in moderation. The same is true of smoked fish and when eaten in moderation there is absolutely nothing wrong with eating smoked fish. So next time you have the choice of eating smoked fish don’t have any qualms about eating it, but remember don’t go overboard.

For those wanting to order large quantities of smoked fish, numerous seafood suppliers can be found that will deliver to a location of your choosing. Even better yet some of these suppliers even offer food service line facilities as well which can be perfect when hosting an event.