Homemade Dog Food – Uncover 7 Facts and Upgrade Your Dog’s Diet

Homemade Dog Food – Uncover 7 Facts and Upgrade Your Dog’s Diet

Have you heard enough about homemade dog food that you just had to find out what it’s all about? I’m sure you remember the tainted pet food scandal a few years ago. It’s the main reason so many dog owners turned their backs on the industry and began making their dog’s meals themselves. In this article you will get some important facts about homemade dog food so you can give your dog’s health a boost.

1. What homemade dog food doesn’t contain

Meals you make for your dog will not contain any preservatives, additives, chemicals, or anything artificial. Commercial brands have these aplenty. These are very unhealthy ingredients. They may be why most dogs get illnesses and diseases that cut their lives short.

2. Homemade dog food is healthier

The dishes you prepare in your own kitchen will have all natural, healthy ingredients if you choose the right recipes. Most contain foods that you will be familiar with and can easily find. In fact, most of the meals you make for your dog will be suitable for you to eat yourself.

3. Foods that are good for dogs

Dogs can have almost anything we eat, so some of these homemade dog food ingredients may look familiar. Healthy foods you can use include chicken, turkey, fish, lean beef, beans, potatoes, brown rice, eggs, celery, carrots, spinach, cabbage, cucumber, and zucchini. Do you see how healthy it all is? Just think of all the tasty meals you can make for your dog using these ingredients. Stick to this list when searching for recipes.

4. Ingredients that homemade dog food should never have

There is a good sized list of foods that are bad for dogs. You should avoid using onions, garlic, chives, corn, milk and milk-based products, chocolate, alcohol, macadamia nuts, grapes, raisins, raw meats, and raw eggs.

5. It’s easier than you think

Of course it’s not as convenient as opening a can, but it’s not very difficult either. Even if you don’t have much cooking experience, following a recipe is no harder than following any written instructions. And the more you prepare your dog’s meals at home, the better you’ll get at it. You might even think up some good recipes yourself.

6. Homemade dog food doesn’t have to cost a lot or be time consuming

There are many remedies. For price, you can buy items when you see them on sale or you can go to bulk stores. And to save time, you can also prepare the homemade dog food in bulk. Whatever you don’t use, you can freeze for another time.

7. Tons of health benefits

Dogs on a homemade dog food diet are healthier and have a lot more energy. They also don’t get sick as much, if at all, and they have less risk of disease. And, of course, they live happier, longer lives.

Now that you know these homemade dog food facts, you can begin to put them to good use by upgrading your dog’s nutrition plan. With a little more research, you can begin looking for good recipes to use for your dog’s meals. No longer will he dog have an unhealthy commercial brand meal. Wait til you see the difference.